My Mouth Got You Down There On Your Knees (How It Feel?)

tumblr_mmwaulA5Kr1qllucco1_500so have you been feeling like no one listens to you?
have people been making traction marks on your back?
what about being being stabbed in the back recently?
does everyone depend on you for shit?
but wait tho…
as soon as you need help,
or you need someone to talk to,
is no one is there to return the favor?
the same people you were once there for are now gone.
don’t you hate the ones who are quick to turn the tables on you?
play the victim like you did something wrong.
you’re that guy and so was i,
but guess what?
i got the solution to cut all that shit.
starting now.
it should get you the respect you deserve.
may even get some new dick in the process.
what is it?…
train people with that mouth of yours.
that big mouth.

your big mouth can provide pleasure and also tame the biggest assholes.
you do not have to look like the incredible hulk to get respect from people.
now I’m not saying go all “erica mena from #lhnny” every time someone does you wrong.tumblr_mwxpn02ziq1qln00mo1_400a simple ignore does twice as much damage.
the art of being able to call people out on their shit INSTANTLY.
if someone is taking advantage of you: get em EARLY.
left broke it down for me in that conversation the other night:

“this is not a world where you can be nice.
nice is for the birds.
notice when you ignore a bitch,
she stays with that same man.
some bitches like to act like they like nice guys,
but I’m sure they got nice guys blowing up their phone and they aint answer.
look at chris brown.
that nigga is drama but the bitches love him and will ride for him.
in this world,
you have to be aggressive but respectable.
stop giving a fuck about people’s feelings.
notice no one spares your feelings when they want to tell you about yourself.”

don’t hold back because they come off good looking or even intimidating.
those same people like it when you can go toe to toe with them.
ive battled some of the biggest assholes with my mouth alone and won every battle.
i wasn’t creative or being an internet celebrity either.
people pissed me off and i had to politely curse them out without a curse word.
i’ve unintentionally tested the “nice” theory for the last two years.
i fell into a pit of despair and let life/people bury me.
it sucks and i can admit it now.
when i use to get into “mouth” mode,
that’s when everyone wants to listen and then do what i say.
its the weirdest thing.
i take it as people are just use to being treated nasty.
co workers.
significant others.
friends gone wrong.
people don’t seem understand when you are genuinely a nice person in 2013.
that shit is a foreign concept.
people like drama and know you can bring a little of it in their lives.
wolves nowadays like someone who will tell them:

“you’re real good looking and you’re def someone i can see myself with,
but you been acting like a fuckin moron and you seriously need to get your shit together.
i dunno how you dealt with those other niggas,
but ima need you to try this shit again with me.
seriously because is this ridiculous.”

i’ve actually said something similar to a dumb ass and guess what?
he wouldn’t leave me alone.
its was like i put a spell on his ass.
if i would have kept that inside tho,
he would have continued to do the same shit he was pissin me off about.
when i have an attitude problem,
ignore people,
and say what i feel suddenly people are on my ass cheeks.
ima try this shit again for 2014 tho.
before you use that big mouth of yours:

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.56.54 AM
…and always remember:


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Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “My Mouth Got You Down There On Your Knees (How It Feel?)”

  1. I agree with this. I always let people know what is up upfront so they will not be any surprises when I am angry with them.

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