I’d Rather Their Clothes Be On The Floor Actually

tumblr_n8vkg1Qc3M1tzh35io1_500the fashion at the #espys last night left a lot to be desired.
drake looked good.
many of the baller wolves looked semi-disgusting.
the clothes game was just not poppin’ for me.
well these are ones i liked a little bit…
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Michael Sam and The Snow Fox Do The #ESPYS

MICHEALSAMANDFOXso michael sam and the snow fox are at the espys tonight.
they actually look pretty good.
i see they decided to coordinate.
i know the snow fox is loving this come up.
shit i would.
michael is getting the arthur ashe courage award tonight.
here is his speech

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Drake Blows Two Baller Wolves Tonight

drakeblowingineardrake started off a little cringe worthy in the opening,
but the skit with blake griffin and chris brown was pretty funny.
so drake decided to recreate lance stephenson’s “blowing in lebron’s ear” at the #espys.

i can just imagine the gifs…
lance stephenson and paul george ended up being good sports about it.
anyone else i’m sure would have punched him.
now look at what charlamange tweeted with his shady ass…
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Colin Kaepernick Giving Us Some Light Work

colinklove“hi colin”…
well i must say…
colin kaepernick is one of the best dressed in the new nfl.
that was him last night at an espy pre-party.
i think the one chris brown was ( x turned away ) at.
don’t tell no one.
he is also looking pretty damn smashin’ tonight for the espy’s 2014...
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Reggie Bush Laid It Low At The ESPYS

tumblr_mdv9ubbG8k1rj71puo1_1280his days of lights,
action are over?
reggie bush
was at the espys last night.
i didn’t even know.
he also brought his fiance, lilit avagyan

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2013 ESPYS Kodak Buffet… You Know You Want It.

timthumbtonight was the 2013 espys,
hosted by big pipe snow wolf,
jonn hamm.
my invitation got lost somewhere in the mail.
check below the drop for some kodaks from the night…

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