Its A Good Week To Be An Attentionisto

64659-Stay-True-In-The-Dark-And-Humble-In-The-Spotlightthe life of an attentionisto/istas  is a hard one.
no seriously.
they want the attention on their social media accounts,
but then they want to regulate the type of attention they get.
the “straight” attentions don’t want the gays to comment,
but they still want those gay likes.
i think they need to cut us a check for support we give their bodies.
the vixens want to be taken seriously for their brains,
but they still want to be half naked,
showing ass
and in the gym in a full face.
as soon as a baller wolf slides in them dms,
this chick is in the “don’t pull out” position.

tumblr_nq8z7395Bn1s69d29o1_1280at this point i’m thinking all of them are buffoons.
here is the thing…

and lets take ( x this fox ) for instance.
his entire instagram is basically how fat his tail is.
its couple parts:

“look i go out”
“i wear cute shit”
“i have feelings too”

but a majority is how fuckin’ big your tail is.
so when a video of him gettin’ smashed leaks,
showing’ how that same tail looks spread apart and ridin’ a pipe,
isn’t that pretty much what he is asking for?
isn’t just a real life demonstration of what someone interested is gonna get?

58210_gossip-girl-leighton-meester-blair-waldorf-blairsame with other sex tapes that have leaked over the years.
the wolves been advertising their meat in compression shorts.
they also did a couple entries in “egg plant friday”.
they all giving a heavy:

“i like to fuck”

…so why be mad that naked pics,
jack off videos,
or a full blown sex tape leaks?
not to mention getting baited on kik?

like why be subtle with your ratchet side?
hiding it in plain sight and shit?
i bet the dms tell a different story.’t that contradicting the whole point of seeking attention?

look i like my attentionisto/istas  like kim kardashian.
even tho she gets on my last nerves,
she knows the deal.
her sex tape leaked and she was like “fuck it”.
she played up the victim role,
but also knew it would put her “out there”.
she built her a little attentionista empire,
got some platinum pipe in her through the years,
and now is worth millions while getting on our nerves even more.
so be like your shero and save us the melodrama.
tumblr_lf2j8pGBir1qzfbkeo1_r1_500go hard or go home.

i’m just saying…

now we can’t guarantee that the attention seekers of the world will have the same fate,
because more than likely they won’t,
but lets not act like confused bitches when shit simply happens.
they crave the attention and end up getting it in every way,
even in ways they put themselves in,
so then

…Why all this drama?

lowkey: ( x this one here ) needs to be the blueprint of attentionisto life.
he gives no fucks and i actually applaud him for it.
i bet if a sex tape leaked,

he would “kim k” his life.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Its A Good Week To Be An Attentionisto”

  1. Remember back in the day when BGClive would mess up and all pics would be unlocked? I wish that would happen with the DMs on Instagram soo bad! Lol

    Accounts would disappear lol

  2. I think these people use these social media accounts to put on a front. A lot of them are broken and damaged like the rest of us are but instead choose to post only the good or superficial parts to them. To them there’s no point in being deep when you have the body of a Greek god.

    I’ll admit I look at some of their pics with envy at times because while I’m BARELY getting by with my job and being a student they are posting these pics of a life that seems glamous based of your looks bad not hard work. I would hate to have people praising me up just because I look good of my body is 100. Looks fade, hard work and great personality does not.

    1. Literally ALL of this. I’m in the same struggling student situation so I definitely have to catch myself when I’m on IG and see all these people who don’t seem to have a job posting pictures of them on trips every week. L

  3. Chile…..the way my comment is set up……jamari you aint never lie. They do some strange things for likes but don’t comment… they will erase it or eventually block you if you gay or come across gay. Thats why i don’t follow them.

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