I’ll Show You How To Top The Foxes Son

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.52.54 AMlets get into a special tutorial video compliments of “mister butt cheeks”,
also known as jacob kohinoor.
jacob took time out his busy interviewing schedule to give the wolves a “top” lesson.
apparently he has been letting his ratchet side out these days.
an f-bi wanted me the foxhole to see this video so check it out…


the tank top.
the socks.
the bed sheets…
funny-boy-throws-hot-coffeei was so distracted that i couldn’t even focus.
the whole thing gets a “wow”.
look jacob could tell me his grocery list and all ima be thinking about is:

…but nice video tho.
i’m sure the wolves learned something!

lowkey: he is attractive,
but he comes off so try hard to me lately.
jacob just relax baby.
you don’t have to do so much to make us interested.
you were fine interviewing and being silent.
i’m confused with this.
i’m feeling like you do things just to show off your big tail.
are you trying to give us the dick or the bunz?

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “I’ll Show You How To Top The Foxes Son”

  1. Fun video. He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, except maybe that he was born to bottom. Oh and does he really have to speak? Maybe a moan or two, but no sentences – none!

  2. He is cute and funny, but yea he has been doing a little bit too much ever since he came out. I miss when he did the interviews and I love all their stories, especially the drag queen and her baby dick guy.

    1. Well he’s been out but he recently came out to the world on his channel. I agree he has been OD lately and it is a turn off. I hear he is really trying to get out there with his channel

  3. Wow didn’t know he sound so southern( I was going to say country). Yeah video was really needed but his buns are grade A.

    1. BBB…..lol. The quality of tops is poor in these streets. I told y’all. #SupplyAndDemand

      I like Jacob tho, but I don’t see him topping full-time lol.

      1. Man you ain’t never lied!

        Ain’t no way in hell he’d top me once I see all that ass he dragging around. That’s just disrespectful!

        He was built to be a bottom lol

  4. He has did such a turn around, I remember seeing him a couple of years ago and he was talking about his girlfriend on his reality show and now to be a full fledged gay dude is confusing. I thought he was gay but was in denial, and maybe he was, but this new Jacob is way extra, Im not really feeling it. It seems forced and phony. I guess if we are not in the bedroom with someone, we dont know how they really get down, but with all that ass it would be a shame not to give it up, but I guess its no different, than a bottom with a big old dick who refuses to use it, he may be a full time top who just happens to act like a bottom. Im gone let the foxhole have this one, because dudes who are too pretty and made up like this do nothing for me, I like them a little more rough and masculine than this.

    S/N All his latest videos have too many cringe worthy moments for me to watch more than a couple of minutes, and this one was no exception.

  5. I always knew Jacob to be gay….Before his channel too. He used to walk balls as well..( i feel like the ballroom police) but nah me and him been friends on FB for forever. I don’t think he came out in that video. He just expressed his first boyfriend. He also dated a guy who was a pornstar and didn’t tell him. Men… you can’t trust em….some of em.

  6. lol @ these comments. If he tops then he tops. The way you built don’t got nothing to do with your postion. Don’t tell me ya’ll don’t see str8 wolves with fat tails all the time. It’s too many here in Baltimore.

    1. Nah, his build had nothing to do with our opinions, well not mine anyway. Mine was based off mannerisms etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one, some of the others believe the same. It’s not just about his tail.

  7. A bottom doesn’t complain because the dick got rock solid. They complain because their ass has been fucked too long and it gets sore. Especially if the top just goes on and on and on. Also, the ass doesn’t get wet and juicy. He is getting that confused with a pussy.

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