Death on A Tuesday

tumblr_static_raindropsso my aunt died yesterday…

heart attack.
random as fuck.
she was my father’s sister.
yeah i wasn’t her biggest fan tho.
complete bitter bitch about her life.
hated my mother so you know i couldn’t stand her.
did some foul shit to me after her death as well.
so blah.

well my cousin,
i usually refered to her as my “niece” in older entries,
was there when she died.
my aunt died in her arms.
from the description she gave me,
it sounded absolutely brutal.
my aunt did yell out that she loved her before she took her last breath.
completely devastated her.
i spent the day yesterday trying to comfort her.
she is pretty much alone as far as parents.
well she has my father’s other sister,
but she was asking if she could live with me.

that face.
i dunno.
she doesn’t know about me,
but what if i want to bring someone to wear out my headboard?
how do i explain that to this kid?
we’ll see what happens.
this seems to be a weird turn in my journey.
i won’t be attending the funeral.
may she rip tho.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Death on A Tuesday”

  1. I actually had to deal with a similar situation.The women on my sperm donor’s side of the family didn’t like my mom for some odd reason.They got better about it later on but they might have just been being fake.Anyways, my condolences…

  2. I would say move your cousin in, but women are nosey bro. You be at work she’ll be all through your stuff lol.

  3. lol The Man you not lying woman are the best detectives ever….she definitely would be snooping through your stuff while you’re working…and speaking of work i got a job at a medical practice here in town…I’m on cloud nine…i just want to say beware if you let your cousin move in,, i know you have a big heart and that’s admirable but if she does move on make sure she has a plan, a productive plan because if not something that’s supposed to be short term will become a long term issue….GOD bless your aunt may she rest in peace, despite her actions on Earth i know Death is never easy!!!!

  4. I’m not a doctor yet guys still in school but i appreciate the love, you guys are so awesome thanks for that it made me smile, lord knows ive been out of work for awhile too,, and i got some good dick yesterday after being abstinent for months….winning oh and the secret admirer on adam4adam sent me his number but still playing games so i told him to kick rocks i dont have time to play guess who, i found me a chocolate brotha who ive been talking to for a lil minute…and he’s single

  5. oh and forgive me Jamari i got so carried away i just remembered what this entry was about in regard to a death in your family, forgive my irrational behavior any obscene language

  6. Jamari, you have my condolences. So your father’s sister–your aunt–died. And her daughter, your cousin wants to live with you but she doesn’t know that you’re gay. That’s a problem.

    Factors include her age (the younger, the more likely you should say yes), her alternatives for residence elsewhere (the more alternatives, the more likely you should say no), the lenghth of her proposed stay (the longer, the more likely you should say yes), your closeness to her (the closer, the more likely you should say yes) and size of your abode (the larger–for example, with 10 bedrooms versus a studio–the more likely you should say yes), how much you desire to keep your sexual orientation private and from her and from others that she communicates with/relates to (the more so, the less likely you should say yes and your desire/need for privacy (the more desire/need for privacy, the less likely you should say yes).

    You can take this as a coming out opportunity. That is, she may notice that you’re gay and spread the word so you don’t have to.

  7. If you do allow her to come live with you for a bit, her invasion of your privacy is not the biggest of your concerns. You better make sure that bitch got a round trip ticket.

  8. Hey, Jamari. I just wanted to extend my sincere condolences about the loss of your aunt! I would definitely encourage you to pray on the decision of whether to move your cousin in or not. Especially, if she is at the age were you would be serving as a legal guardian/parent.

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