Have Tyler Perry Re-Shoot That Season Finale (Pronto!)

is it me or was that a terrible season finale?
nothing really made me excited for it’s return on may 27th.
like candace successfully went from my fav to doing waaaaaaay too much.
i had to ask myself where was she going with that scene in the office?
i caught second hand embarrassment for her.
i don’t even care if she dies at this point.
then amanda.
our little wack job amanda.
how amanda gon’ stab a dude with a buther’s knife and he just runs off?

l5qn9was that a comedic moment?
the only thing i cared about was wyatt and his nice muscles in that shirt.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.44.29 PMi’ve decided he is my snow wolf fantasy.
other than that: gigantic snooze fest.
the first season of this show was absolutely amazing.
what has happened?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Have Tyler Perry Re-Shoot That Season Finale (Pronto!)”

  1. Damn for a guy who not really close with his aunt(r.i.p.) is sure making you bitter today.
    Oh I hope she’s not possessing you.

  2. the only nice thing you said was about Wyatt.
    the season finale was okay, but it had it’s moment too
    you do show you’re a harlem boy
    and please don’t tell me you cause the fire in harlem because the season final.

  3. I’m here with you Jamari. I would’ve though that was any other episode. Does Tyler not know that you are supposed to end a season with a bang. I feel nothing from this season has been resolved nor where we left with any big cliff hanger to make us watch next season

    1. ^right!
      candace getting drugged and carried off into pedo van was:

      “oh she deserves it.
      bye bye.”

      she went from being the bad bitch heroine to some sloppy amateur.
      if you watch the first episode of this season and the last,
      it was like nothing happened.

  4. am i the only brotha who hasnt seen this show yet? it’s been the main topic on my FB timeline and etc i want to check it out though so i can see what the fuss is about, and for the eye candy…oh my lord Tyler Perry always gives me eye candy…and thats why i love his work lol

  5. That was all sorts of awful.

    I’m over Hanna crying like a slave in every scene. Your bosses son killed your son, now you’re happy to see her. Ok, girl.

    The scene with Candice in the campaign office dragged on too long. Why would she meet Jim in a damn park?!

    Candice stabbed ol dude in the park and he just ran away like comic relief.

    Why do I bother?….

  6. Do you have a link to it? I dont get OWN for whatever reason anymore and can only watch when you post it lol.

      1. Thank you so much. I hate when stories end on a cliff hanger especially anything Tyler Perry does because he is a weaker writer. I love Veronica and Jeffery that really is the only reason I watch the show.

  7. I watched this earlier today. I did see the sexual tension between David and that woman this time. That dude that likes Jeffery is sexy man. Damn, he look good. I’m ready for May.

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