Which R&B Singer Is About To Cum Out The Closet?

There’s been plenty of speculation about this hot young r&b star’s sexuality, but most of it has been drowned out by the adoration by fans and famous alike. After keeping folks guessing in 2011, this soul singer will answer any questions about which team he’s swinging for with his upcoming musical release.

Sorry, but the only other hint we can give is he had at least one big rap collabo last year.

Any guesses?


lowkey: according to raz berry,
everyone of them!

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Which R&B Singer Is About To Cum Out The Closet?”

  1. It’s Miguel, and I’m shocked. Don’t give me heat you guys lol.Miguel has that metrosexual thing going on and plus I’ve seen guys like him who are straight, so I gave him a pass for his flamboyant ways. Everybody on the blogs is talking about the song Miguel did with J. cole, “All I want is you.” That song came out in late ”10.” I didn’t think it was him for that reason, but I almost forgot he did ”Lotus Flower Bomb” with Wale. It can’t be someone under the radar because the article read, he kept people guessing in 2011. Miguel was the only one being talked about last year. There is no one else that comes to my mind.

    People have been curious about Trey and Ne-yo for years, it’s neither of them.

    1. Shocked? I’ve heard nothing but speculation about Miguel…I’m surprised you didn’t think it, but hey…

      1. I just thought that he was a metro and I didn’t pay anything else any mind. I saw him as ome of those guys who are feminine but are not gay. I know you know those types.

  2. lolll i didn’t knew bout him, and i just searched him on google and yeah he got the gay spirit

  3. Whom ever it is, one things for certain: Its none of our business nor should it prevent us from continuing to support that artist’s music/movie projects. Unhappy-people are forever looking for matters in someone elses life to make them feel good about themselves, (Black-people) in particular are bad with this, with all the struggles that this particular group has and have had throughout life, “UNITY” should forever be at the forefront of Our daily agendas People.

    1. I feel what you are saying but I must admit, it’s nice to have one of our own to come out and we are able to say that he is on OUR team. The white kids of today have Adam Lambert (Who never sign up to be the gay mascot btw), we would at least like to have one of our own, who we can identify with.

      I don’t think dude is coming out. Just another ploy to sell records.

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