he has monkeypox all over his face!!!!

one of the foxholers said to me the other day:

“They will be able to spot the DL males who catch Monkeypox.”

that is going to be very interesting.
the days of 7 partners in one weekend may take a short break.
hookups on grindr and jack’d may end up being scruffed.
more and more gay males are speaking out about catching monkeypox.
( ^that gentleman’s story is wild )
this gentleman had sex with a few prospects during pride weekend in ny:

( x and this is his story )
i saw a tweet that i’m gonna warn you about now.
you are being warned.


this is another story with images below…

i legit screamed out loud.
this situation cannot be stopped with prep.
condoms won’t help either.
“second base/dry hump with clothes on” is canceled.
bad enough,
you can get it even without having sex.
the powers that b knew how to get gay males in line.
they knew that reckless sex would be an easy target.
folks were unsure af about the rona vaccine

…but they gonna be in line,
bright and early,
for this.

“it’s too damn quick to have a vaccine ready for the rona”.
plenty of “non-vaccine believers” are ready for the monkeypox one.

my biggest question is the long-term effects of catching monkeypox.
long covid is no joke.
i suggest everyone calm their sexual social lives down for a while.
you don’t snooze those invites; you lose.

lowkey: the homophobes are going eat this up.
you know they love new material.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “he has monkeypox all over his face!!!!”

  1. Monkeypox is not a Gay thing. Anyone can get it. There is a vaccine for it also. I really wish the narrative that it’s a gay virus would stop. There are tons of videos from straight women and men talking about getting monkeypox

    1. Anyone can get it but it’s spreading now through same-sexual male networks. But prior outbreaks in the US, in 2003 and 2021, spread among straight people; most news reports are not mentioning this. In both cases, it was contained.

      The danger now is that some people who may have it may be spreading it widely without realizing it, and with our poor public health system and terrible testing and tracking systems, which never improved after Covid-19 hit (Trump gutted the CDC), we’re back to square one with this one.

      The CDC has been dithering but hopefully they’ll get it together, especially since 2 kids now have it. But yes, the current scenarios are perfect for anti-LGBTQ folks to weaponize against us. So please, people, be safe, get tested if you can, and get vaxed if you can!

  2. They better figure this vaccine roll out soon because school will be starting up again and kids don’t look now how to maintain personal space.

  3. America is getting its Karma. They didn’t care about half of these diseases when they thought it only affected 3rd world countries. Soon as it hits America its deemed an epidemic. His sores are giving leprosy tease though. Everyone be safe. I’m a type one diabetic since age 9 so my immune system isn’t as strong plus I’m in Healthcare so I’m taking extra precautions

  4. Monkey Pox is Chicken Pox on steroids. It’s very very infectious. Just a simple touch from someone affected and you catch it.

    There are No CURES. Calamine lotion and don’t scratch. Don’t shower as well. Stay away and isolated for 2 week minimum. Eat normally. Drink lots of fluids. Vitamin C preferably. Eat lots of fruits.

    Sad tho g is the virus REMAINS with you forever. It’s suppressed and it can flare up in later years as SHINGLES. Very few people have natural immunity to the Pox virus. Very very few

    Wash your hands. Stay away from crowds. Symptoms are FLU LIKE – fever dry cough, sweating, loss of appetite body aches and eventually you wake up with a lot of Pox all over your body. It usually starts with just ONE clear type of swelling on your finger or a wired part of your body. DONT PICK IT,🤓🤓

    I’ve had chicken Pox. It’s no joke. SO Monkey Pox is frankly a persona non grata for me.
    PS. When you have the Pox the ‘ good”thing is Sometimes you develop a natural immunity but it does not totally prevent you from catching the Big V. 🤓

  5. I just saw an anchor on MSNBC say that Monkey Pox outbreaks have been occurring in Africa for years but nobody gave AF(my words😂 ) until it started affecting Europeans and Americans.

    I didn’t click on the stories/images because I have a weak stomach but I saw an interview with one guy who said he was on narcotic pain killers because the pain was so bad.

    Stay safe

  6. SilverSteele definitely looks like trypophobia and that definitely gives me the hebegebees. Man this really makes me feel like we getting our own version of the Aids pandemic except we have treatments. No lie, I feel like ”boy in the mood”; on the other hand, my ass is going to subscribe to that sexy Mr Exotic onlyfans.

  7. I did not click on it.( Weak stomach)

    I am remaining Monogamous, Masked up and Mastering Masturbation . One’s behavior can save a life and avoid health complications. Bruthaz I am not telling anyone what to do . I am simply stating my personal belief and practices.

  8. If ur in nyc call 8778294692. 5 minute wait, and you’ll have an appt. I’m a whole prude, but I’m not playing in a city full of thotiannas

  9. I’ve never been the type to fuck everybody though I damn sure be wanting too in my head. I’m always afraid that the first time I decide to hoe around and I’m gonna catch some shit for life. I’m very discreet about who I have sexual relations with. This isn’t helping to be honest to come out my shell. Smh I hope gay men learn how to treasure intimacy with a lover over cruising for anonymous sex with randoms.

    I don’t care about the straights and all that other hocus pocus because I ain’t one of them.

  10. So first off Monkey Pox is not classified as a sexually transmitted disease and is easily transmitted through close contact primarily through contact with skin lesions. I just read an article that talk about how you can even catch it from sheets, so now you add this to the fact that everyone wants to travel and is staying in hotels and AirBnB and you know people are not cleaning like that because of Covid fatigue and boom! I don’t want to be harsh because I know I want to start traveling again but I thought we were all supposed to be social distancing and wiping down surfaces with cleaning products

  11. He lost me at ‘that weekend I had sex w several guys’. Like, why are you sharing your body w so many ppl over 1 wkend? This is why I gave up on the gays. Smh

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