the foxhole doesn’t know how much i love the movie scream

depending on what you ask my cousin hybrid,
he will tell you that he hates the movie,

I watched it 20,000 times.

scream was the first scary movie i ever watched.
i am scared of michael myers tho.
that opening sequence with drew barrymore was one of the best in hollywood history.
i remember being so scared and trying to figure out the killer.
the thought of a killer terrorizing someone by phone was so interesting to me.
i’m so obsessed with that i bought the trilogy box set on dvd.
what is a dvd even mean these days?
when they announced they were released scream 5,
you already guessed that i was gonna be excited af.

i waited patiently for the trailer and it finally dropped it today

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Ginsu-Hoes (Another NFL Player Stabbed)

Ever since this lockout has taken place,
it’s like these hoes are playing Captain Stab-A-Negro.

I see that now these NFL players have no money,
they been bored and fucking up with Vixens left and right.

First Brandon Marshall and now…

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