Fatherhood Has Really Matured Chris Brown

so chris brown is at it again.
this time,
he went smooth the fuck off on his artist,
kevin mccall.
you know,
the crazy dark wolf with bawdy and ( x the big bunz ).
well they both got into a nice instagram war,
but it’s what chris said in his rant via baller alert



there was SO MANY CONTRADICTIONS in that entire word vomit.
i barely have any energy tonight,
but i’ll let you point them out.
if you care.
you could have texted or called him with all that.

lowkey: i didn’t even realize kevin mccall blocked me.
i guess that’s why i forgot he even existed.
add another to the list of anti-foxholers.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Fatherhood Has Really Matured Chris Brown

  1. Why tf did he block you?
    Your not even shady
    If anything you are devils advocate to these wolves shenanigans

    1. ^he seemed to have blocked me a while ago.
      you are right.
      im not like others who go hard.
      i try to be very objective.
      i guess because it’s a “gay” blog.
      i bet they won’t block Perez tho.

    2. He blocked Jamari because he wanted to hookup with J and do it raw, but Jamari told him that he doesn’t do raw with anyone. Well Kevin got into his feeling and told Jamari that he isn’t anyone, that he’s a well-known rapper around the world. Jamari clapped back and told him that the only reason he’s even heard of is because of his involvement with Eva Marcille who gave him his spotlight. And I guess Kevin got hurt by that statement so he just blocked him

  2. Okay but where is the big bunz tho? If I have to choose, I prefer Kevin cause you know I love dark chocolate but also because he got a way better body than Chris

  3. He blocked you? That makes him seem even more suspect. Shit, I’m not complaining about him though.

    Chris showed his ass with all that as usual, he let the inner goon out. He know he was wrong, he did not have to read that man’s entire life like that. He wasn’t trying to keep something up his sleeve.

  4. I guess I’m out the loop because I have no idea who this dude is lol but both him and Chris are acting like babies here. Can we please get start acting our age and just talk and try to work out disagreements smh

    P.S. Him blocking you says more about him than it does you J, oh well you gain some you lose some 😜

  5. Am I the only one who peeped the Jamaican homophobic slur that Chris Brown used in the last paragraph??
    This is the same man who claimed that he respected the “LGBT community” when he caught backlash for pulling out (no pun) of the Gay Pride event last year.
    He is beyond vile & gross.

      1. “Botty man” is a Jamaican homophobic slur. Look up the song boom boom bye, it’s a Jamaican song about shooting gay men in the head. That word is used throughout the song but as “batty boy”.

      2. Botty/Battyman is a homophibic slur that is used in Jamaica when degrading gay men. Please do your research.

    1. So I look up the word I still dont see how this homophobic, A Jamaican term for one who is a male homosexual. A concatenation of the Jamaican words for the human posterior (batty) and man.
      Second of all who cares if he’s homophobic

      1. Ask ANY Jamaican and they will TELL you Battyman is a homophobic slur. Homosexuality is hugely frowned upon in Jamaica on a general scale so anything there that references a homosexual has a negative connotation to it which therefore makes it a SLUR.

        That word is the last word a lot of gay men in Jamaica hear right before being beaten to death. I originally referenced that this man claimed that he supported the community when it was clear that he was full of sh*t. Nobody asked for his support. He’s just a phoney. Stop being so obtuse.

  6. Chris Brown is a sack of green shtt who hates gays and disrespects women along with his fans! Why black gay men continue to lust after that crackhead is beyond any rationale.

    That’s all..

  7. Kevin Mccall blocked me too!!! 😃😃😃but it was because I sent him some booty pics 😂😂😂

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