“How To Remove All Doubt” Feat. Ciara and Russell Wilson

rs_634x1024-151124113643-634.Ciara-Russell-Wilson-Couple-Pics.jl.112415well i’ll be the first to say it.
i was completely wrong about ciara and russell wilson.
i thought they were some pr constructed couple.
clearly not…
  they just got engaged.
you read right.
of course it was all caught on ig

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.51.53 PMwell they sure told us.
635835148347729120-424452873_tumblr_m4ctou7sMd1qb9ycmi can admit defeat.
now can you all please go buy that vixen’s records?
let’s get a double win for her this year!
congrats to russci!

lowkey: do you see that rock?

holy hell…
i’d eat a wolf’s for a rock that size.

it just goes to show,
when someone does you wrong,
god gives you the win.
i reallllllllyyyy thought he only liked the snow bunnies.

video found: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on ““How To Remove All Doubt” Feat. Ciara and Russell Wilson”

  1. Yay for her ( even tho something about their relationship still seems a bit made up to me)

    Now let’s hope her next album is killer, with the way Janet is canceling tours be such this the perfect time for Ciara to come hard. I need more Body party type songs and killer dance moves.

  2. I’ve always been cheering for this relationship, #BlackLove. I was on ship the moment I saw Russel treating her child like his own, a man only does that when they’re serious.

  3. I am happy for them. I am waiting for Future to say something cause I know his sorry ass is going to be ranting on twitter.

  4. So happy for her. She just seems like she always gets dumped on. Now, I hope she flies to the top of the charts. She still can. She just has to make an undeniable album.

  5. I’m always for seeing a black man who truly loves a black woman they way he does. He openly claims her and treated her very well so this was the next logical step. Happy for them.

  6. She’s winning with her business deals she’s been working with recently in fashion and etc now this. Ciara I’m not mad at you she needed a REAL man who’s stable not a rich fuckboy

  7. When Ciara first hit the scene, I thought she would be a one trick pony in a long line of pretty faces who could dance but had questionable vocals, but she has proven to have staying power in this cut throat industry. Although she has been the butt of cruel and mean jokes, it is something about her that is endearing. She seems like a genuine good girl and for that I am a fan. I was surprised that she went with Future, like really surprised, but I guess every sweet girl likes a thug or gets involved with one before she grows up. I am happy that she has been blessed to find someone who seems to genuinely love her, it is rare that ladies in entertainment get second chances especially for marriage. I wish her much success on the upcoming nuptials. My only hope is that she would curtail her life on social media, I know its the new way of doing business in entertainment but showing your love to a mean cruel hateful world can invite too much negative energy into your situation. Congrats Queen Ci-Ci.

  8. Very happy for her, though that music career should just take a back seat. Her music faded over the years and that voice has no range. She should focus on other endeavors and just be a black Victoria Beckham and enjoy the lime light of social media. Very, very happy for her

  9. Whether this is fake or facade, I don’t give a f**k…but all I know is she betta not fuck up their season…focus maaaayne!

  10. I never liked Ciara’s music but I never wanted her to fail. I wanted her to defy my thoughts of her and do her thang. And it seems she has. Congrats to them both!

    Btw: I’m shocked another white woman isn’t getting the ring 😮

  11. LMAO…If they haven’t already consummated their relationship as they claim, they gonna need a new bed by the next day!
    Remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney were claiming to be virgins and saving themselves for marriage? Meanwhile, they were fuckin all over the hotel rooms on their tour. LOL

  12. Guys Ciara and the “charts” is so yesteryear lol. Wishful thinking. Just be happy for her engagement. Congrats Rusci!!

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