Is This Picture “Homo” To You?

tumblr_o3mjp2hNJC1qey5buo1_1280 michael b jordan and ryan coogler.
ryan is fine.
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i put this picture up on my tumblr last week.
everyone is talking about how “gay” the picture looks.
i mean…
the hand on the back of the head looks suggestive,
but unless his lips were covered in nut,
or it was a “dawgpound” promotional poster,
i reallllllllyyyyy don’t see the issue.
does it even need a full write up?
not at all.
well unless we are discussing ryan.
i give this story a super heavy NEXT —>>>>

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Is This Picture “Homo” To You?”

  1. No my brothers and their friends use to do the the same thing sometimes growing up…The black community has gone on a witch hunt where they want everyone to be gay or want to accuse every man who shows emotion of some sort gay. Then complain when some black men are not in tune with their emotions and lash out on their women and families…You cant call men who show love and affection to each other gay and then get mad at the result of a emotionless community…I worry what kind of message are what are we sending to our young boys…That it’s only okay to show emotion after winning a sports game or event? we can’t show emotion and build each other up? This pic is just two KINGS who love and respect each other…

  2. When I first saw the picture, a dawgpound scene did come to mind. In reality, this is all innocent, people need to stop.

  3. Is it wrong if I find it kinda sexy though? hehe

    It’s not gay per se, but I have to admit, it’s kind of suggestive. Not that it bothers me.

  4. Two fine ass man embracing each other for strength. I tend to find very homo erotic and makes me want to buy that magazine for real tho. If it was more natural, like if B jordan lay the risk of his hand on his should it would make it look more broish like 50 and Soulja. A man holding another man head makes me think their going to kiss. I think thats why its controversial.

  5. I saw this pic posted this week on various social media platforms and sadly the most vile and nasty comments were coming from black women, I guess black men will always be pushed into this hyper-masculine box where they must always be ready to fight, be aggressive, be sexual everything but be human and show emotion. A few high profile black dudes come out of the closet and now every black man is suspect. It becomes too much to keep up with after awhile. It now so common to see any behavior that is not stereotypical in black men as gay especially by black women on all these social media blogs, they get mad when these same men turn around and have a woman of a different race, but then turn around and eat up every morsel of a feminine gay dude, it is all so confusing. I guess I cant expect every woman to be as evolved as foxhole favorite Y.Collete who is one of the few females who actually gets that gay men come in so many different forms.

    I didnt think the pic was gay, but rather sending the message, this is my brother and I love an care about him. That message is missing from us as black men both gay and str8. So many brothers have this baggage of insecurity that they project their negative feelings on men who look like them. We are always on guard and mistrustful of each other, always ready for battle. A couple of years ago at the gym, I had this brother who went out of his way to come over and speak to me and it threw me off guard, I was so shocked and I let him know. He told me that he made a point to go and speak to every black men he saw whether they accepted it or not. He told me that he had to be the change he wanted to see. I was blown away. He told me to start speaking to my brothers whether they were receptive or not. I wonder if he knew I was gay would he still be this cool. I have met a lot of cool dudes through the years in the gym but a few were a little homophobic and not friendly at all to obvious gay dudes. I guess we do have to be the change we want to see and start doing a simple thing as speaking to one another. I am noticing that it is more people speaking up now than I have ever seen before when people start making negative comments on the blogs. We still got along way to go in our community but its coming slowly.

    1. Yes, that is the motto I would love to live by: Be the change you want to see, but it’s definitely very challenging for me. It’s something I’m trying to work on because I believe in this idea, but I’m too reserved to be that open.

      It takes a certain level of bravery and requires one to think outside themselves. We need more of that as a human race in general, me included. He seems like a respectable dude.

  6. Black man smiling, happy, emotionally balanced, shows effection/love/admiration for his fellow brother and son,appreciative of the female aside from her wet nap, like genres of film and music that aren’t Future and Hood Classics=GAY

    Angry, abusive, catching or shooting a ball, fucking numerous women on the same block, 3+ kids born within months of eachother, mixtape dropping soon= EPITOME OF THE BLACK MALE

    (Hopefully the stench of satire reeks from the aforementioned comments)

  7. Why is the black community, especially black women, are obsessed with gay men?

    Some part of me thinks the reason why some black men prefer white women over black women is because of this pressure to be hyper-masculine all the time and if they show any affection then they are consider gay by black women.

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