Find Out Who Wants Jeramie Hollins Pipe!

the foxholers sent me a ig post video jeramie hollins the other day.
i completely forgot all about it with all that’s been going on.
when i went to sniff around his parts,
i must have missed the boat.
he took it down.
from his recent videos,
he decided to answer questions in his dms.
one was about him being a model,
on being a high class escort,
and the other

on how to become a model:

being a high class escort:

and what alleged public figures want his dick:

i mean,
after that picture of his thick pipe leaked,
i’m sure many want to chew on that buffet.
i wonder if it’s as big as that leaf?
if some directors/casting agents hit him up,
he should jump on it.
or vice versa?
i kid jeramie.
he decided to twerk for us as well:

i’d more please.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Find Out Who Wants Jeramie Hollins Pipe!”

  1. You can tell he is so comfortable with himself. Not many would record themselves with, “i just woke up” face. I am not even mad at him.

  2. Its weird i don’t find him as annoying as other folks who move from just visual to also talking like he seems chill & goofy.

  3. Gotta give it to him, he’s a one-of-a-kind attentionisto. Everyday he’s shouting people out who’ve posted his pics, and responds to and likes all of his followers’ comments.

  4. So this one is not a bad representation of straight people and does not perpetuate any stereotype, even though we have seen every single aspect of him? LOL! Anyway nothing special, some famous people on the DL want him… like they want every single cute guy out there. Hell one of my professors wanted me at some point during my first years in college. But do i really want to know who is talking about? I guess since i’m really nosy :p
    He seems funny tho, really likable.

  5. Let me put it this way… People GENERALLY treat you how you present yourself to them.. I work in the fashion industry and NO, most male models don’t engage in sexual activities with “higher powers” to get in.. Well not in big modelling agencies in the Fashion capitals of the world (London, Paris, New York, Milan).

    Secondly, of course people are going to assume that he’s an escort with all the attention whoring he does. He’s no different than those two stripping Dominicans or other thirst buckets trying to get attention online. You really think people visit your page with hopes and dreams of meeting you just to sit down and have a coffee? LMAO, welcome to the real world sir.

  6. They say a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts, so I wonder if he was using a bit of humor to give us some inside tea. The way he said “and suck their dick” was so funny but it also made me stop and say “hold up, you’re a model, so did you take your own advice?” And am I the only one who thinks he was trying to give us more clues but couldn’t figure out how to be subtle about it when it came to the last video? “You…Don’t…Know…Anythinggggg.” I had to google that to see if it was in a song or something. Perhaps I’m just overthinking it, but I deff enjoyed the vids and dig his personality.

      1. Now you know I don’t get invited to anything lol. It’s if not a company function, they pay me dust and let me live my life. As for work, still working with the same firm but I haven’t been in the office in months. I get to phone it in now. I’ve relocated to the DMV area. Can’t say that I miss NY. Maybe the hustle and bustle but I def don’t miss the people. I’m a country boy at hart and NOVA is more my speed.

  7. Sooo I’m the only one that thinks he’s a tad bit overrated?

    He’s not ugly and his body is nice, but I can say the same about any of the dudes on my instagram search page🤷🏾‍♂️.

    Also, the word model is used too loosely today. In fact, I think instagram has killed any prestige the modeling profession had lol

    At least his personality isn’t as childish as Flashman Wade though.

    1. ALL of these ” straight model” dudes for gay eyes are overrated. At least this guy seems decent, but I’ve BEEN bored of this archetype. I as a gay man don’t like the idea of fawning over a straight guy that wouldn’t piss on me if I were on fire. Just not appealing to me anymore, (with maybe very few exceptions). Until I see a guy that is more on my team than just “ambiguous” (i.e. gay) I’m generally not interested and they start to look one in the same.

      He’s alright though, I’m not hating lol.

    2. Oh Flashman is beyond annoying lol. Don’t get me wrong, he seems like he means well and is a nice person but if I was to watch any of his videos then I’d mute the damn thing haha. He’s so childish but I think he has ADHD. I read a comment about it somewhere.. That’s why I think connectpal is his niche rather than that YouTube channel that he has.. Most of his followers want to see him doing porn, not speaking.

  8. DWRCL thats right Jeramie spill the damn beans. These MF all on the Gram and Tumblr posing with these bitches , talking bout bang pussy this and band pussy that and all of them fuckers want is a big ole fucking dick down their throat and up their ass.

    Damn hypocrites. Shallow People with Shallow Lives. All of them Fucking whores . Dogs aint got nothing over them .

  9. Love his personality. He says he’s looking for a mate that understands #Playa Moves on IG… Good Luck W/That. #SELFISH

  10. Well, he is attractive, so it is not surprising that dudes are after him. I just think that sometimes we give these men way too much attention than what we actually should. In my mind, if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

    1. For me the mystique is gone now that the goods have been shown. Lol
      He is a rare one though, in that he treats his gay/bi followers/audience graciously..unlike many of the other attentionistos. My thing is soak up this “fame” while you can because the next dude is on the horizon.
      If he can translate this IG fame into something legit, more power to him. I wish him the best to luck.

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