Rarri True Shouts To The Mountain Tops He Ain’t Gay

so you know how someone can open their mouth and remove all doubt?
rarri true is reminding me of that hyena right about now.
he seems to have gone up so fast that he is crashing down at lighting speed.
he did a ig live where he was asked about his pending sexuality.
this is how he responded via fameolous

ya know…
i can almost feel the exposure coming.
can you feel it?
it’s up there in the atmosphere.
i feel receipts are being drawn up at this very moment.
hell the f-bi might even bring us his file.
he is doing too much:

he should have stayed good looking and silent.

lowkey: now when i understand when they say someone isn’t ready yet.
by ready,
i mean to pop career wise.
i get it.
for his outburst,
i dedicate this song to him:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Rarri True Shouts To The Mountain Tops He Ain’t Gay”

  1. See this what I said on the last post about him….LAME!!! I so sick of these wack ninjas trying come up like the hoes!!!! Real men move in silence they don’t seek attention, attention finds them. LAME ASS!!!

    1. ^sigh…

      they get a little attention and can’t handle it.
      he looks like a straight corn ball now.
      at least he was sexy when he was silent.

      1. He’s sexy, too bad he “amber rosed” himself. Now I can’t pretend he is mysterious baller with his act together. 😕

  2. Why gays obsess over these “I’m too much of a man to be gay” type dudes. Most of them hate gays with a passion & yet we crave over them….Well, not we…Cuz I don’t be have you ever heard that saying that it is better for a man to keep quiet and to be thought of wise than for one to open his mouth and remove all doubt…..

    A damn fool…

  3. Doesn’t matter what he is or isn’t, the 15 seconds he’s chasing after ain’t even his. Blac Chyna seem like someone who doesn’t share the spot light, i bet she’ll pull a mona scott and low key out his ass through blogs who’ll credit an ‘anonymous but reliable source’

    1. Great question! But honestly, I don’t want to know, he needs to stay irrelevant and unknown. He’s an embarrassment.

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