Sistas Need To Assemble and Hug Kanye With Love and Light!

see this be the type of shit…
ebro from hot97 legit had me vex today.
i love he was allegedly trashing kanye,
but was pretty much exposed texting kanye this:

well i was on the train coming home when i saw this

i hope he was joking?

Why do black vixens have to come to the rescue for lost black wolves when they’re knee deep in shit?

kanye doesn’t check for black vixens.
most (rappin) wolves don’t.
so it’s:

“most black males dog black vixens out everywhere,
but as soon as the lost ignorant black “kang” needs help,
they need to get into formation?”

when black vixens need some black males,
they are pretty much shunned.

as soon as they’re “in trouble”,
a sista has to come in and make it right?
nah homie.
kanye is literally in the kkk.
the maga crowd is about to fund that lifestyle now.
he don’t need anyone black after his latest tirade.
his support from most of us is gone.
he been showing us who he is so we need to believe it.
no sista needs to come to his rescue.
if one do…

let his armenian goddess deal with that headache.
bye ebro and kanye!

lowkey: celebs out here having broken hearts over kanye.
texting and “i can’t believe he said that…”

kanye been acting like an asshole for a while now.
we cancelled folks faster than this for these antics.
all that free thought shit he talking sounds like something he heard someone say.
it’s typically what crazy folks do to justify their behavior. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Sistas Need To Assemble and Hug Kanye With Love and Light!”

  1. Let Kim and her tribe deal with that headache!! Now he’s trying to blame his behavior on medication. Niggas kill me always wanna wife a white hoe, but when trouble comes they want the sista to save them. GTFOH!!!

  2. Read this interesting article about Syrian Jews:

    They banish people who cross them. We can learn a thing or two from them. Uncle Toms like Kanye West, Clarence Thomas and Stephon clark divorced black people. I say that the divorce is final and get lost–whether you are dead (like Stephon Clark and his loony still alive brother Stevante Clark) or whether you are alive like Kanye West and Clarence Thomas.

    If we divorced Uncle Toms, then the price for being an Uncle Tom goes up and many fewer people will be Uncle Toms and we will benefit!

  3. People like Kanye don’t care about being “banished”. He makes more money probably than anyone that wants to banish him combined.

    I think the underlying issue is that mental illness is a problem. I don’t think he needs a hug from a black woman. Black women aren’t magical goddesses. They have their fair share of issues as well just like everyone else does.

    Honestly, I can’t speak TOO much into this since I don’t follow news like this except coming to this blog and check it out. I don’t care about them (meaning what they say and do in their personal life cause it doesn’t stop me from being great) to be “moved” by them.

    This situation makes me scratch my head though. I wonder if it has anything to do with that post I did last year about this year being the time when many things and people will be getting “exposed”?

    I think this will last till late this year or something. So you can probably expect a lot more. People coming out, racist exposed…etc.

  4. Ebro and Charlemagne are just using this Kanye situation to boost their shows so I ignore them both completely.

    These radio show people gotta capitalize off shit like this because most people are streaming music and they’ll be obsolete in a few years.

    All I gotta say this black women mule shit is about to be over. Those black women that’ll still ride for black men no matter what are mostly 40-50+ now.
    These younger black women will let your ass drown if you willing jump ship.

  5. I don’t think most black folk are over him. A good number are but he will do some damage control before his album release and you will see a lot of the “cancelled gatekeepers” flocking to stream & buy. All he wanted was attention and he got it because people are so gullible and sensitive. Also Ebro is trash. Do people still care what he has to say? lol

    1. @96 King…you are so right. They will spurn him until the album drops, then everyone will be going all crazy over it. They’ll keep buying his sneakers too.
      Who is Ebro though?! Lol

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