How To Get The Homophobic Jackal On His Back

nothing makes me more harder than payback.
folks gonna learn to stop thinking gays don’t have paws.
the following video allegedly proves just that.
so a homophobic jackal wanted that beef.
a foxholer sent me the following video and well…

i need some goons like this.
either way,
when i say this clip took me out.
the homophobic jackal ended up on his back with his legs in the air.
don’t they usually end up in that position sooner or later anyway?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “How To Get The Homophobic Jackal On His Back”

    1. ^listen…
      i met some gays that are more masculine than some of these straights.
      i met some feminine gays that will square up with the best of them.
      i love when folks think we won’t let you re-evaluate if you want to continue fighting LOL

      1. Yeah I’ve seen gays beat the brakes off of ‘hood’ dudes before and literally twerk afterwards

  1. Ummm is that Kelly Mizrahi? Sounds like her. If it is he don’t know Kelly has been to jail plenty of times and she does not play.

    1. Yes, that is Kelly and I didn’t know he was that tall or maybe that dude was short, because when I saw him in the club a few years ago, he didn’t look that tall. Also, I hope he don’t go to jail again for sexual assault, for grabbing the guy ass.

  2. Okay…okay.. I found this amusing..main ma because a lot of straight guys automatically think that because men are gay they are weak…and I ask them…so then you think femininity is a sign of weakness? If so why are you intimidated by it?

    Usually, this is when they start saying Fag 17 times and quoting Bible talk before leaving with Baby Mama #3 and her set of kids.

    That life…

  3. Lol white boy just didn’t have any hands smh

    White people always starting shit knowing they can’t fight.

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