so joe budden comes out? (and not out of retirement if you’re thinking)

when joe budden came out with his debut album,
i had a huge crush on him.
he was everything.
his face and that deep ass voice >
i heard alleged rumblings about his sexuality,
but i took it as rumors that come with the territory of being a male celeb.
you know everyone is rumored to be gay in hollywood.
well apparently,
and allegedly,
he came out on his podcast…


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this is from his twitter:

a reaction from kaylin garcia,
one of his exes:


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knowing joe budden,
this could all be for attention.
you know he loves to say controversial statements that might not be true.
another side of me thinks he jumped on a potential scandal that was brewing.

after all of joey’s past scandals,
and the way he has treated folks,
i’m not as turned on as i would have been during his debut.

not only that:

He is a Virgo male.

a majority of the males under that sign can be legit demons.
if this is true,
let’s welcome joe budden to #teambisexual.

who is gonna go test drive that penis first?

36 thoughts on “so joe budden comes out? (and not out of retirement if you’re thinking)

  1. Just remember he is from that period in time when DEF JAM had all the sus male rap artists on the roster. That 2000 – 2004 period. Was Russell Simmons still handling things then?

  2. I thought it was obvious that he was being sarcastic. That is a small snippet of a 20 minute discussion about DaBaby getting “approved” to perform at Rolling Loud by an LGBT activism group. You know the internet loves to take a clip of anything and run with it. IDK if Joe is or not but if you listen to even 30 seconds before or after that it becomes obvious that he wasn’t saying it to come out. But the internet loves to take stuff out of context.

  3. I really think this doofus is trolling. Nonetheless, I don’t do Virgo males. 👎🏿

  4. Yall can have that itty bitty… I don’t believe it because this is Joseph Budden. He will say anything and not tell the truth. If it is his truth, enjoy the life because the world will show you their true colors for all the bullshit you put them thru. Have you heard about this bad bitch called Karma, she ain’t nothing to fuck with so I suggest you peddle lightly if you playing games. Be you Joe. Let me go download that one hit he had in the 90’s before he end up disappearing. Mona Scott-Young, joey got another one cooked up for the show.

  5. He’s sexy AF but I remember what he put Tahiry through. You’d be out of your mind to expect anything more than some good sex from him. He comes off crazy as a cat on crack!

    1. Yes, crazy as a cat on crack on a full moon! But them crazy men be the absolute BEST in the bedroom though. I guess that’s how they lure you in and trap you. LOL

  6. Whenever I see a headline about Joe Budden for some reason I read it as Joe Biden 😃.Anyway tomorrow he will say he was being sarcastic.

    1. That part! I can definitely see him tip toeing back into the closet with some “Sike! I was just trolling yall for clicks and likes” type of mess.

  7. I want Tank to come out.

    Yes, Jamari, Virgo men…they say Scorpios and Aries are dominant? Heh.

    Virgos will hack the street cameras on your street. They’ll start up rumors about anyone they think is talking to you. Virgos are the most possessive, jealous, insecure, manipulative, gaslighting men I’ve known.

    When they decide you’re theirs, everyone else is enemy #1. And they don’t do it outright. But people will point it out to you and you’ll doubt it, because they seem so unbothered and nonchalant. Nope. It’s all an act. A calculating act.

    Virgos will stalk you and when you “run into them” mention things they shouldn’t know about you. You then say “How do you know that?” and they give a demonic smirk and change the subject.

    Virgos are the definition of “I always feel like somebody’s watching me”. And then when you call them out on it..they deny, deny, deny.

    But an Angry Virgo? They will spill ALL of their tea and say you weren’t worth it, then the next day say they don’t know what you’re talking about, because they don’t want to be vulnerable with anyone.

    Run from Virgo men unless you want him telling you when you’re allowed to breathe.

    1. Idk these virgo men yall speak of. Most men can’t even hold my attention more than 24 hrs…

    2. ^almost every virgo male i’ve met,
      regardless if it was platonic or interest,
      has hurt my feelings in some capacity.
      i’m very wary of males from that sign.

      like new beginnings stated,
      if they are un-evolved.
      they are demons.

      1. They are experts at picking you apart. The most critical/judgmental sign. And it’s all to cover their own insecurities so they break you down into your simplest molecules and leave you in SHAMBLES.

    1. IKR Tony! I’m here like ouch J. Why you got to do us like that lol. But honestly, J is correct tho. A Virgo who hasn’t evolve yet can be a demon 👹 lol.

  8. The comment was taken out of context. Sorry, but am I fact checker. He jokingly said that to protect himself from the backlash after the homophobic comments that followed.

    The topic was the Dababy being uncanceled by an alleged LGBTQIA+ advocate who somehow had the power to overturn Dababy being canceled from a Rolling Loud event and Joe and his boys were basically shocked that the LGBTQIA+ has so much power that they have appointed someone as the leader to sign orders to prevent someone from being canceled over what they thought was an opinion. Joe basically concluded by saying black people don’t have that type of power. But again, he shielded himself in a trolling way by saying he was bisexual in order to stop the impending backlash. Come on people, stop being gullible. In the end, this is going to be blamed on gay people even though straight outlets are reporting it as fact.

    1. Yea, I caught that too man. Disappointing, to say the least. I was hoping we’d finally get to see a masculine blk man show up on the out scene. Like I said earlier, I was surprised at a ‘coming out’, but wasn’t surprised at the idea because he def gives me spectrum vibes. Non-spectrum blk men aren’t usually as cocky and opinionated as him, as a brand. They’re like that w their boys, arguing over sports, but not in a way where ur podcast runs off your friends of years. Straight men aren’t usually ‘messy’ w each other.

      Anyway, it was fun while it lasted lol.

  9. I believe him. One of my sources years ago told me him and the singer Jaheim were in a relationship back in the day and it was very toxic and abusive. This was in the 00s. Would have loved to been a fly on that wall when they were fucking, can you imagine the aggression and passion. Mmm yes!

      1. Both of them could have got it back in the early 00s. Have you seen Jaheim lately? Sheesh. But yeah, I believe it too.

  10. I’m surprised he came out w it, but not surprised in general, at all tbh. Let’s hope he’s mature enough to not feel the need to play into heteronormativity in his dating life w men.

  11. I believe a lot of men who have had pics leak are gay tbh idk why but his pics (with that big bush) sent off my gaydar years ago. Also the old saying “if you never a Black man dating Black women, he’s probably into Black men.” Non Black women don’t have the gaydar that Black girls have. A lot of my latina friends are into pegging men things the sistas stray from.

  12. It’s strange what he’s saying: ‘How do I spread the news?’ Da Fuq? He’s saying that on his podcast which more than likely has a pretty large listenership. Does he not know how social media works? LOL. That just seems really dense to me. Does he think the LGBTQIA pipeline is somehow different? If so, he has a lot to learn about our community!
    I mean, good for him & all but this is the oddest coming out I’ve ever heard before.

  13. Awww Joe can sleep well tonight. Burden off hid chest. Now the question is when will the others in the industry do the same? If y’all think its Joe alone or Lil Naz or Boozie, then you are not paying attention

    1. Well if his tastes haven’t changed since I last spoke to him years ago, I would say he definitely like them younger than him. Take that with a grain of salt because them hard party drugs and alcohol will have you humping and pumping on everything with a pulse.

    2. He likes them masc and chocolate… I’ve known this and his type for years. He likes masc black men. Those who can pass. I’ve seen a couple of his dudes. Kudos to him, I could never. Takes a lot of courage.

      1. Like Omar from the Wire? Yeah, he definitely likes them masc. I remember our convos about that. He wasnt feeling my cousin that much cuz my cousin is more on the femme side but my cousin was trying to get me to take him to the party. Also, from what I can remember, he’s a top/versatile. Didnt know about dark skinned though. Im about the same complexion as him, a little more brown and he was really really trying to get it in but then again, he was also high and drunk most of the time we talked. But this was over 10 years ago, maybe his tastes changed? Welp, anyways, good for him for finally embracing his true.

  14. I believe it! I almost had an encounter with him way back in the day. We met off the phone chat line that was popular back in the late 90s/early 2000s. We was talking for some months on the chat and either Myspace or Blackplanet (I cant remember which one) and he invited me to go to a party he was at in Jersey City. I could tell he was high on some hard drugs and drinking cuz he was talking crazy and weird and that wasn’t my thing so I turned him down. So yeah, I believe he is speaking his truth but he probably gonna be like “I was just trolling/playing yall” if he gets a backlash for it. Yall know how them deeply closeted DLs do. Also explains why he is always so abusive and toxic in his relationships with women cuz he cant live/embrace his truth! He fighting with himself.

    1. ^ its amazing how all of us have had encounters with dl males within the industry.
      some of us have stories we keep very quiet and i respect those who do that.
      but yeah,
      the way he has treated women in his past was kinda telling tbh.

      1. I agree. I dont care if someone is DL or whatever and I never been okay with anyone being outed unless they were being hypocritical and/or harmful to others.Then yes, they need to be exposed and held accountable. Other than that, live and let live. I still feel Joe might come out with a statement a month later talking about he was “just playing” or whatever but who knows, maybe this is his moment to come on all the way out of that glass closet?

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