would you have ridden the b2k train like kiely williams did?

3lw first album was eh but i fucked heavy with their second album.
i’m not even gonna hold you but i loved this song:

good times.
this group has been in some mess.
kiely williams has always been some mess.
it seems like she had some fun in her younger days tho.
she allegedly took the train on the b2k express

She claims she rode J-Boog,
and Lil Fizz together.


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she was “entangled” all right.

she said,
“i have kids,
i don’t care”.
i love having kids makes parents honest about their hoe days.

i won’t judge tho.
i would have locked down that j-boog penis especially if it was good.

i wasn’t attracted to the other 3 when they were in b2k,
but let that be some other group i was into.
and with low self-esteem.
the perfect trifecta of unapologetic hoe-ism.
i probably would have entangled myself with nas and az from the firm.

i’d be buying a train ticket myself.

lowkey: gay males can’t judge,
at all.

another lowkey: i see kiely is still dancing…


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5 thoughts on “would you have ridden the b2k train like kiely williams did?

  1. I like her,
    She had a decent acting career back when Adrienne was on the struggle bus doing nothing.
    Whatever she was in the past, currently she stays in her lone and is pretty quiet. You only ever hear from her when natuari comes out with her annual “I had kfc thrown at me” story, and she has to defend herself.

  2. She is revealing exactly who I assumed she was. I see nothing wrong with her living out millions of teenage girls and boys fantasy .

    She always tried too hard. The other girls had it naturally . As we see ,both went on to establish themselves with more professional projects and careers.

    Jamari. AZ is sooooo Phyne!! I had the biggest crush on him too. Of course Naz is beautiful too.

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