i want you to pay 800 for a sex video on my onlyfans (non-negotiable)

there are many “joanne the scammers” out there.
many of them are the way they are because we made them that way.
read me out…
it’s kinda like stringing someone along in dating.
they know if they drop crumbs,
some folks will fly down like hungry birds to feast on it.
trey songz had a post on his onlyfans that he claims was worth 100 dollars.

this is what he wanted folks to pay 100 dollars for?…

are you kidding me?
is trey okay?

why are we charging 100 for free ig content?

lamont johnson,
is another one.
a foxholer sent me a conversation he had with him.
so the foxholer hit me up and told me how wack lamont’s onlyfans is.
he asked lamont for some private videos and this is the convo:

okay real quick.
lemme circle on something.
this part:

that is so rude.
he thinks he is bigger than he is tho.
it’s that fame,
but i had to wonder about these two scenarios…

Can we blame these two?

they are attractive af.
we tend to allow attractive folks get away with murder.
they both know someone will pay for their shit.
people have trained them to believe they are more than they are.

Trey isn’t as poppin’ as he once was.
He has made a ton of mistakes in his career and has turned a lot of folks off.

Lamont is being carried by his bawdy,
but his Onlyfans is pretty wack.
He was so much sexier when he was a mystery.

he is charging mortgage prices for a video?
he’s not even getting flown out to provide the experience?
prices like that,
you need to be getting a 3 day fuck fest of a weekend in an exotic location.

am i wrong for thinking this?

28 thoughts on “i want you to pay 800 for a sex video on my onlyfans (non-negotiable)

  1. Im stuck on the $1200 part for the 3some when its on MyVidster for free that somebody shared from Pornhub. First off, Lamont don’t got dick to be paying that kind of money for anyway. He don’t even have a stroke to pay $20 for. I rather go to Jackson State and visit the dorm rooms on a Friday night and get a better show than what he put on. Second, I can see why Trey and Chris are on Onlyfans only giving thirst traps. Instagram does not recognize real people but will verify fake people like their parent company, Facebook. Not only that, all it takes is one person to see their nudes and they selling it to B. Scott, Perez Hilton, The Shade Room, MTO late ass, or TMZ. They are not in it for the money but more of using for other things. Michael B. Jordan wants to do one and donate the proceeds to a Barber College. If you haven’t seen Trey and Chris nudes by now, you must’ve been six years old when they came out. They are still on the internet, neither one of their dick has changed since then except more mileage. The issue should be towards these other no name people charging $20 for a empty profile and 1 picture. Its crazy people go to onlyfans and connectpal when most of the good shit is on myVidster and Pornhub. Save you some money. None of these celebrities icloud is getting leaked with all this Apple security now. If they want you to see them naked, you will see it. I got a free look at Yahya Abdul-Manteen II on HBOmax. That man got dick and cakes for days. His dick on soft is Lamont’s on hard. If you got HBOmax, go to Watchmen and look at A God Walks Into Abar. Then the series finale (only one season). He was fucking the shit outta Regina King in this series.

    1. @Bad Boyz Club 💜
      That was good, what you wrote.
      Professor Khalil31 gives you⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  2. Trey needs to link up with one of the popular OF/JFF gays and just come out already.

    Lamont’s attitude sucks. Begging and nasty. Thirsty gays are gluttons for punishment. He should’ve smooth cursed his ass out and blocked him when he said “you can’t read”. Looking like an overinflated version of Slow-dell Beckham.

    That shit free af on Pornhub.

  3. I can’t believe you even subed to Trey in the first place. I’ve said this 500 times. If the OnlyFans is over $10, it’s trash.

    An an A or B list celebrity? Y’all trippin’

    Anyone that gave him $100, deserved to be scammed.

  4. Trey is trying to make back that touring money. Personally can’t be mad at it, considering whether he’s popping or not, this is what his brand has culminating towards and ppl been wanting to see for years. He knows ppl will pay and he’s trying to assess his worth to them.

    The other one…$800??? For a video??? You got a pic of Trump without his tupee or something? That sounds like somebody super thirsty offered that amount to see something before and now he’s charging everyone that price.

    Like others said, they’re charging what they think they are worth. Someone has made it clear that they are willing to pay these prices for them. I can’t really be mad at them for that, just the rudeness of the answer. Or if they get mad that ppl don’t want to pay these high prices for minutes-long videos.

    1. Bro, ur giving Trey waaay too much of a pass, because he’s famous. He’s the ome whose had years to make smart money moves, (considering his tax bracket) not his 9-5, still on unemployment, fans.

      This is a prime example of exactly what Jamari was talking about – gay men make these ‘other’ men think they can demand like this, and then decide whether or not to supply. Wtf is the point of joining someone’s onlyfans for them to charge you for actual content, as if content wasn’t WHY tf you joined in the first place! And then $100, for IG level? Scrawny, 5’8″, 140 lbs dudes have a lot of audacity out here…

      1. I ain’t giving nobody a pass. Do I think it’s right? No. Guess I should have made that clear to begin with. But I can just imagine someone telling any OF creator the whole “know your worth” spiel and that’s what they translate it to. But it’s not like this is anything life altering for the buyer.They control their prices, you control whether or not you buy it. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Simple as that.

        I do agree that they shouldn’t be charging for “extra content” after you’ve already subscribed. That’s just being greedy. But there’s ppl out there who keep buying it, so they keep doing it.

        And the reality is that b/c Trey is famous, ppl will pay more. To him, he’s not just anybody, he’s Trey Songz. And that logic is why ppl will pay it. Now if nobody buys it, he’s got no one to blame but himself and his ego. It just makes a little more sense in my opinion that he would charge more. It’s still high, probably more than a ticket to his concert. Plus, like I said, I think he’s trying to make back some of that touring money.

  5. Ok first lamount handsome love his big ass but wtf a small uncut dick at that 800 to 1200 we fucking and you sucking period

  6. Smh. All of the gays want masc, fit, attractive, sexy men w hard peen, but so few of the gays want to be masc, fit, attractive, sexy men w hard peen. So now they’re paying 3-4 figures a pop for virtual/visual access to it. Smh.

    But yes, you’re right, gays have created this ‘demand, then supply…maybe’, ‘industry’.

      1. Hell, to at least ‘look like’ they showered. Smh. This, u lay there, limp bodied and ‘peened’ (because guys who bottom apparently don’t get hard anymore, now that they’ve ‘re-decided’ biology, and are ‘nutn out of their butts…but i digress), and moan like ur still waiting on ur puberty, while I try to stay hard as ‘the man’, is wack. But again, I digress…

          1. Trying as hard as they can to equate bottoming to female realities. So damn happy to have a dik in them that they lay up and act like their azzez do the same things as vag, because they soo badly want to pretend that men have 2 different ‘gender roles’ so that they can feel like their home girl Keisha in their heads!

            A man can obviously enjoy bottoming, but acting as if ‘some men are born w the anus being their sexual organ’, is ridiculous.

          2. Have you ever heard of ‘creaming’ in sex? It’s a slimey substance that the mucous membrane (booty’s walls) produces when it’s irritated/stimulated, I’m guessing to help with hard stools or constipation. It can look clear, liquidy and wet to opaque, white and gelatinous. Also have you ever started spasming during penetration? I can’t describe the feeling, you will know when you know. I guess all those together kind of make up a booty nut.

    1. They’re both tripping. If you’re gonna support a service, do Just For Fans. At least you get a preview.

      And yeah. What everyone else said.

  7. Honestly this whole OF movement is getting so old and boring, I no longer find porn appealing. It does nothing for me anymore. At this point I’d pay for someone consistent who knows how to hold a conversation.

  8. Lamont is on crack if he thinks any videos of his is worth $800 when porn is free. Why are people still subscribing to him, when most of his content could be seen else where anyway. As for trey he tried tf out of that.

    But From what I seen alot of these onlyfan subscribers be rude And entitled AF too. “I just subscribed so let me see you pussy Poppin on a handstand with a dildo in your ear” These fans need to keep in mind these guys aren’t obligated to fulfill any special request of yours, especially when you voluntarily subscribed. Paying for mediocre content is disappointing AF, but Not necessarily a scam unless they deliberately lied about the content.

    It would be smarter to ask what type of content they’re displaying before entering your card # in 2 seconds. And if they don’t respond, at that point you’re taking that risk. And therefore shouldn’t complain when you’re disappointed.

  9. I mean at this point I’ve seen all i need of lamont and why advertise that video if you aren’t going to provide it for your subscribers?

    Like im not surprised we’ve put these dudes on a pedestal and they give us the bare minimum (I.e. deven hubbard) what should we have expected? But my god today these crumbs they giving aren’t doing it.

  10. I can’t even be mad at them, your asking someone for x-rated content on a barely regulated site where they decide they’re own prices, Theses men don’t care for you or about you. They are not on OFs to provide some “Wonderful Experience to enrich the lives of their subscribers”. They are everyday Niggas making some VERY easy cash off gay men that they would never otherwise entertain & imma keep sayin it till I’m blue in the face! (cause I care about Us) It’s ok to be Attracted to a nigga but Do NOT expect them to be these great upstanding people. They are Not. They want yo $$$ & that’s it

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