my homeboy is struggling with his health ever since he caught the rona

i’m a believer.
you never truly care about something until it affects someone close to you.
one of my home-wolves ended up catching the rona.
i think i fonted about this before.
he ended up getting it through his wife,
who got hers by attending a halloween event with her trump supporting family.
he lives in atlanta and has been going through it since he got it…

it started with…

Shortness of breath and a really bad cough

…but now,
it has turned into…

 A bad ear infection
Bad diarrhea

i didn’t realize that when you get the rona,
the health department starts a file on you.
he was telling me how the health department advises everyone to stay outta atl.
the cases down there,
and the south in general,
are on high levels of disrespect.
they told him how he isn’t contagious anymore,
but the rona is basically living inside him.
the issue is that it could mutate and destroy his insides in the future.
that is what they’re trying to find a vaccine.
the other crazy part is it can mutate and even though he doesn’t show any symptoms,
he could still pass it along to someone with a weak immune system and kill them.
he is in his early 30s and relatively healthy.

so my question is...

Why do people want to take chances and deal with this?

lowkey: i feel like the rona was created for war.
instead of weapons,
this will silently work to kill you and others.
they know people are selfish and will pass it along in hopes of killing everyone one by one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “my homeboy is struggling with his health ever since he caught the rona”

  1. I’m no conspiracist, but no ones gonna tell this shit just appeared outta thin air and REEKED this much havoc in Less then a year without the help of human hands

  2. Damn, I hope he recovers. I agree that some part of this virus has been engineered. I’ve seen some articles that it has elements of Ebola and HIV in it that make it more infectious than the regular flu (I gotta find that article again). It also seems to act like two diseases at the beginning and the end, which isn’t natural to that class of coronaviruses. So yeah, something doesn’t sit right about this whole thing.

    Y’all stay safe!

  3. It’s because ATL can’t stay home and that Mayor is too busy on CNN lobbying for a cabinet position!

    When all the blacks especially in ATL die from it they’re going to claim it was a conspiracy by the government or set up by the white man NO its cause y’all couldn’t stay your black asses out of Magic City & Bulldogs!

    1. Well said! I know months back the mayor tried to implement mask mandates, and the republican governor, in true republican ‘cash for our lifestyles over consideration for and of actual lives’, shut her down, but Idk what is in the water down there now. Ppl look at you like you’re the crazy one if you have a mask on.

      That said, prayers up for your friend Jamari. This 2nd wave is coming on strong, unfortunately.

  4. This is the THIRD strain of Coronavirus that has occurred over the last few decades and this is NOT the most dangerous disease that’s hit America throughout our history. Viruses are living organisms that evolve as long as the host grows. So as long as we evolve they’ll do the same. Spanish flu killed tens of millions of people in the USA and we overcame that. So we’ll overcome this.

  5. Sorry, folks. Although you can create a virus in a lab, it’s damn near impossible to create a virus like this from scratch.

  6. May your friend get well soon. Everyone, please be safe and heed the CDC warnings regarding masking, travel, and gatherings.

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