i learned something while i was getting the juice on oj simpson

this weekend,
i went far down the oj simpson rabbit hole than i should have.

i was a kid when all this shit went down so i wasn’t interested.
my mother,
and aunt
were all locked TF in during the trial.

I remember my aunt having a tabloid that showed the entire crime scene and the dead bodies.

so i watched a few things about the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman,
along with researching all kinds of who did it? and “what was the motive?“.
it creeped me TF out but i was so fascinated.
i learned one thing about oj simpson that reminds me of some of these black males today…

As soon as OJ Simpson was roped up in this murders of two white people,
his ass was banished from the white only circles he thought he was accepted in.

oj was one of the leaders in the sunken place and proudly exclaimed that he wasn’t black.

“I’m not black!
I’m OJ!”

he loved his white vixens and all things white.
i read that he alleged had a big dack and could fuck like an animal too.
when he got acquitted,
he thought they would still embrace him but he learned very quickly where he stood.

this is why i get confused when these black male celebrities only date white.
the ones who don’t associate with other black folks after getting white approval.
many of them learn that once they fall out of favor:

They are kicked to the curb for pick up.

…and black folks remember how they had nothing to do with us as well.

after watching all of these things over the weekend,
i don’t know if OJ did it.

there are so many layers to this murder.
from the time frame

the tampering of evidence,
and the cops involved were exposed as racist jackals.

There is a side of me that thinks OJ was there when they were killed.
There is a side of me that also thinks he stumbled on the scene and panicked.

There is a side of me that thinks OJ knew who did it and was protecting them.
There is a side of me that thinks they were murdered by drug dealers due to her alleged lifestyle.

we will never know.
the only two witnesses are dead,
along with the suspected killer.
even if someone admitted to the murders in 2024,
OJ has already been branded as public enemy #1.
many white people will have a hard time admitting being wrong since racism was the backdrop.
even if black folks thought he did it,
many of us were happy to see a black male getting off as many white males did before him.

OJ should be a lesson to all of us but many won’t learn.

getting that sweet taste of privilege tends to make us forgetful every time.

lowkey: oj came off like a bumbling moron to me.
i find it hard to believe he would be skilled enough to kill those two people,

all while being smooth enough to escape a crime scene like a ninja.
we’ll never know unless the super sleuths on tiktok solve the mystery.

7 thoughts on “i learned something while i was getting the juice on oj simpson

  1. Let me first start by saying its horrible the way that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman died and I don’t wish that on anyone, whether OJ did or not doesn’t necessarily matter when put up against the verdict.

    OJ was found not guilty, the reality is the prosecution had a good case but was cooking the books, the corrupt LAPD had Mark Fuhrman as the lead investigator who was found to be lying when he took the stand, and when asked if he had planted evidence plead the 5th, that is what sunk the prosecution. America , but white America especially , can’t deal with the fact that its racism and corruption came back to bite. Mark Furman lost the case for the prosecution yet some how that is never mentioned in the OJ conversation.

    1. Aside from Y Colette, you’re the sanest commenter on here. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

  2. My previous comment didn’t load.
    I lived in San Francisco in the Ingleside area and attended the college OJ got his start. On the Muni K train line. Oj was from Portrero Hill projects. He later purchased a home in the Hunters Point area for his Mother, Miss Eunice. His dad was an old school Black Rose drag bar queen that looked like a semi-truck in a wig and make up with after 5 shadow showing.
    The day the verdict was pronounced, the bank I worked for closed early due to fears of rioting and robbery. Saks, Neiman’s, Macy’s, Emporium Capwell, Circuit City were all smash and grabbed. I hopped on the BART and scooted. I saw the Bronco chase as it all unfolded. Kris Jenner, Bruce/Caitlin. Faye Resnick, Denise Brown, Kato: all loved big black dicks. A bunch of coke queens and hoes. Nicole and Ron didn’t deserve that. He was never sorry. GUILTY AS CHARGED.

    1. Tell me you haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin without telling my you’ve read it.

  3. I lived in OJ’s hometown when Ron and Nicole were murdered. I saw the Bronco chase in real time, through the eyes of the Bay Area residents. OJ was a Potrero Hill golden boy hoodrat..
    I went to the college OJ attended prior to going to USC. It is in Ingleside, on the Muni K car line. Guilty or not, he NEVER seemed to GAF that Nicole and Ron were dead.. The day that the verdict was read, the the bank I worked for closed early because the corporation did not want us robbed. There was rioting all over The City. Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy’s, Circuit City were looted. People were snatching wigs and asses: A TOTAL MESS. I hopped on the BART and went home.
    Oj’s father REALLY was that old school tranny diva. One of those linebacker looking bitches that put on wigs and make-up with after five shadow showing, but still turned tricks!
    “You too young to know about those San Francisco Black Rose Tenderloin Battle Axe Crossdressers. Think Dorian Corey, but not as peetty”. I think he did it.
    A few of the highlights for me was Rosa, the maid, slapping Nicole after she dared slap her first. Kato Kaelan was a hot mess. Marcus, NFL has a huge dick. Hello Kris Jenner. He probably fucked Bruce/Caitlyn too. Lance Ito was thirsty and tacky. Attorney’s Marcia and Chris Darden hooking up. Johnnie Cochran was a heavy hitter.
    Miss Eunice, his Mom had a nice house in, I think, the Hunter’s Point section of SF which later became gang infested. The 15 bus or the 29 used to pass near it. It was an amazing time to see it up close, experience that tension. Be alive to share it.

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