as long as he doesn’t start yappin’, i love that this attentionisto is in his bi era

there are some males who thrive in a bi era or implied bi era.
many of us got attention (and some DL sex) by simply being a question mark.
we didn’t answer questions or fight to look straight.
we just let people create their own narratives and they ran with it.
as uncomfortable as it made us,
it actually is what made us more interesting tbh.
i’m looking at you,
kai cenat.

james angel is one of those who is sexier as he moves further into the dark side.
i’m not into his straight side but when he leans into his the idea of being bi…

i love that jacobi and his partner are the “go to” for experimentation.
they aren’t being extra and messy,
which i appreciate.

i’m still annoyed with jacobi for that wack flashman wade video tho.
james is getting OD comfortable and i’m here for it…

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