can you believe what someone fonted about the “exotic paintings” crew?

*the following entry is all “alleged”.
*it has some adult material deep inside too

so as you know,
the foxhole discusses everything.
i get a lot of stuff sent to me,
and even tho it’s all “alleged“,
it’s still something to font about.
the following is what a foxholer sent to me today.
it was about everyone within the “exotic paintings” crew.
jeff cutts was thrown in as well.
the following was posted on “lpsg” by poster,
shoutout to the kind folks over at lpsg.
doing the Lord’s work.

so this is what that poster had to font

Let me say this b/c everyone seems to be stuck in the same oblivion sauce…Lamonte aint straight! He and his bandwagon are putting on a facade to appeal to the masses…Let me go in

Lamonte. Got famous from sticking dildos in his ass, spreading his ass, twerking his ass, and escorting with gay men. He fell off the scene came back w/a beard acting like a trump supporter to get attention, later returning to do straight amateur videos with basic girls AFTER removing most of his “gay” content from around the web….Which is why he went into hiding. He was broke. Didnt imagine he’d get that popular and became ashamed, turned it around by trying to be the bad guy. Hides behind beard.

Shaun.d. Lamonte’s go to for stunts and fraud information, they use apps such as acorn and Qapital to swindle people into getting money for signing up which funds his trips across the nation; not to mention credit fixture programs and such. He also escorts. Mostly massage. He and Lamonte have been friends for years and use to mess around.

Shaquille. Lamonte’s boy toy, Lamonte found him turned him out and used Kenny Iko as his accomplice. Comes from a liberal family, drinks profusely to lose himself in the life. Hurting deeply inside. Suffers from bad/bad acne

Kenny.iko. A failed musician of a once-popular boy group. All out bottom, sings about girls but baits guys by walking around them with tight boxer briefs and seducing them with his voice. He carries a camera to pretend to be a photographer so he and Lamonte can later go view. Esp if the guy is new, they use it as a way to anchor the ones they find in.

Mustang.Obviously gay

TanksnLove. Gay escort; Fan and loyalist to Lamonte since day one. Attentionisto, desperate for any attention. Acts like a high school boy. Queens out when he is comfortable. Hides his sexuality by making gays think he is straight and he supports lgbt when he is the g in lgbt. Leers around Lennox mall and the gym for the coin.

K.Burgundy. Lame rapper, former fatso. Has clearly been fucked down and out. Big dick sucker. Acts like a ignorant straight boy to draw attention away from the fact he’s bi

Jeff Cutts. Officer who longs for the life of all sexual opportunity. Erectile dysfunction wants to bottom but afraid if dick, loves gay attention, anything which will 1 draw attention to his butt or 2 make it nigger he’ll do. He has a fixation with his own butt. Introvert Narcissist. Bisexual

All of these “Models” are up under the Umbrella of once “straight stripper” photographer Cliff of CNG PHOTOGRAPHY which also photographs, funds, and is the true daddy and mind leading these sheep. Cliff however remains VERY VERY discreet. He has shot black youth across the country. No one speaks of him as if they have a gag order, he’s actually young looking, attractive but wicked. He has the most exploitative methods of photography and is essentially primping all these young men Lamonte inclusive. Selling the content to private investors.

So the whole idea that they are straight and let men touch them is just a scam to get you interested. These are queens who butch up for the cameras, and their lameness makes them seem ‘boyish’ but its all an act which is shameful to the Lgbt community although many do pretend to be masculine to get sex but I digress. I’ve spilt my Costco size Tea for the year. I’ll leave this here☕☕☕

is whoever that fonted this a foxholer?

“…Gay escort; Fan and loyalist to Lamonte since day one. Attentionisto,
have we made it?
so are we shocked?
i don’t know if this is truth or fan fiction,
but i will font that this is to be expected.
i mean,
with what they do in these “sip ‘n’ paints/their own social medias“…

Can they really be shocked?

it’s not like they’re pastors.
they’ve gone way past “i can’t believe folks are talmbout me!!.
embrace it andhave no fucks to give“.
the rumors make them interesting.
they’re all welcomed to come in the foxhole to defend themselves.
if they do…

Play nice.

lowkey: i’ll take a massage from “tanknlove” sexy ass…

send him in my foxhole stat!

quote cc: lpsg

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “can you believe what someone fonted about the “exotic paintings” crew?”

  1. I believe every word. No straight man is that comfortable with humping a man in a room full of other people. Lamonte used to have his phone number on his gram I was shocked he actually hit me back…I flirted and he played coy but then must’ve gotten scared and backed off..he either was curious or on something.

          1. You going to mess this up for us. The gays already don’t get don’t get allowed in the male strip clubs this is the closest we will get. Damn I was riding with this site but now you bashing oh boy. Next he will ban dudes from his exotic painting. Smdh. Put your pride to the side.

          2. ^furthermore,
            they’ve been on videos circulating giving males lap dances.
            they’ve gone past “omg the other straights are gonna judge” a long time ago.

  2. When they started hanging with fly boyz dolla..I knew. All the cities they go to have. High gay population.

  3. I love men like this. They obviously enjoy sex. No doubt they are fucking people on the regular (man and woman). I am so fascinated with the fact that they make money off this shit.

  4. Now I’ve seen Lamonte shows on the webcam site where he changed his name several times I’ve witness him putting a dildo or a brush handle up his ass for tokens. The other stuff about him I don’t know about. I thought the Kenny guy was a gay singer. TanksnLove I think he just like his money and gets it in anyway he can, but those massages with Mustang are very interesting and hot look like was kissing on Mustang’s body and he got a couple of jerk off videos up with other men one dude oil him up first. In all honesty I just believe that these dudes are delivering a fantasy getting their money anyway possible

  5. So this is all stuff anyone could’ve deduced *shrugs*

    Gay men fall for the “straight trade act” every single time lol

    There’s honestly a reason these scammers, thieves, and just straight broke men target gay men. Gullible, usually with decent income and no kids, won’t go to the police, and desperate for anything masculine and good looking. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂.

    Btw, Jeff Cutts always likes to scream he’s straight but I can’t imagine him penetrating any pussy lol.

    1. Gay men are always easy targets and will do anything to be with one of these guys. A lot of this comes from some having self-esteem problems. Somewhere there is a gay man subscribed to 15 Onlyfans channels at $9.99 to $15.99 a pop, giving away all his hard earned money.

  6. Jeff Cutts is sexy. I looked him up & he has such a cute smile. It’d be a shame if he was a narcissistic douche.

    Lamonte is sexy too. I normally don’t get too caught into this type of affair but they are sexy in their own right. Those profiles about them seem pretty rude and bitter. However, I can’t say what or what isn’t true but I can say that these men have found their niche and profit from it. Despite if this may be a claim to fame from secret gays really doesn’t matter. Women attend these events and their are also female sip-n-paint dancers too.

    In any case, can you blame them? They are hustling and taking advantage of trends to make money. That’s what any smart entrepreneur would do. Take the opportunity & get paid. If they are actually gay, they are being smart about marketing. They found their audience and will continue to milk it.

    As much shit as I talk about Onlyfans, I do nod at a few of them. The Sip-n-paint fellas seem to take it an extra step, not only on social media but also in person. How is that not smart? Pull in money from different streams.

    If there is a video of them fucking male patrons then by all means…spill the whole barrel of Lipton. More evidence of all of them would be nice.

    I’ve seen a hint of Lamonte bent over on a couch but didn’t see any more. I’ve seen vids of him fucking females but never men.

  7. I can’t speak to the alleged scamming but they are working for their money, make the Sip ‘n Paint crowd happy, and seem to have fun doing it, especially Lamonte. I’m not gonna fade them, no shame in this game.

    BTW: I know which one is sexy Lamonte and which one is sexy Tanksnlove, but are there pix to match the breakdown in that LPSG read? Also, whose the uncut on the far left in the first video?

  8. Jamari I love this site but this post screams hater. You are turning into Walter Hampton. Let that dude live and do as he pleases. Are you still upset that he won’t acknowledge you. Cmon you are going to mess it up for us gays by being messy.

    1. ^cody,

      how did i bash them?
      you may need to re-read that entire entry.
      i’ve always written about stuff that’s already out there.
      guess what?

      This is something already out there.

      it was sent to me and i decided to font about it.
      i didn’t agree or disagree with anything the person posted.

      it sounds like you’re offended for them.
      you should go on “lpsg” and argue with whoever wrote the initial entry instead of coming at me.

    2. “You are turning into Walter Hampton.”

      Ninja, puhleez!… your associated projection ain’t gonna work here buddy.

      1. Jesus, I was waiting on someone to say it. Sounds desperate, shouldn’t be that deep. This is why they be getting over on some of the gays.

  9. Oh my gosh! I’m shocked!

    *clutches pearls*

    I expected all of these men to be heterosexual Harvard grads with 750 credit scores and zero bad stories about them. *rolls eyes*

    Really though? Whoever wrote that Great Value Tea needs to have a seat. I prefer Lipton Tea, not some bullshtt hater brand lol. The only so called bombshell here is supposedly these guys are not as “straight” as they would have fans believe. Well guess what? Many of us don’t care.

    Unless you’re a disillusioned female or a gay delusional straight chaser maybe, but the rest of us just see hot ass and meats 😂

    1. Yeah, this. Plus why all the negativity in the post that started all this. I don’t knock the hustle and so far no one seems to be getting hurt by any of this. If someone came out bashing folks or something then I could see someone trying to expose them. As of right now there seems to be little to be upset about. Let me know when some sex tapes leak. Till then…..

  10. J,
    I lowkey learned from my experiences…yOu gotta watch the ones who sing about the chics, making love to and why…and even those who are so called ladies men…..dead ringers,baby! …..take a listen to some of those lyrics and you’ll be like…”that’s not to a woman…that’s what “WE” do…….try

  11. So no one has seen Mustang porn videos. Not amateur. I mean I have a contract and we are the set with bad acting porn. That man has bent over plenty of times and touched his toes. With his ugly ass self but that body is on point.
    Shaquille, which you need to highlight more, maybe the only straight one in the group. I find him more appealing than most of them. I think he is a former stripper but he is the only one that we have not seen a man touch one.

  12. This all is really no secret the writing is on the wall or is it the paint there getting paid every one has fun I’m planning on attending one real soon

  13. Well I did comment here before about certain strippers I DM’d and they are gay escorts.(and into drugs!!!) I have DM proofs with video screenshots. If u want to dm Fox I’m down, I’m not exposing but I know u love tea lol. I know tanksnlove from mutual friends in AL, he is pretty fem like the font mentioned but he can ACT his ass off and put on a masc persona, he is very nice though. He was hanging around this one DL dude on ig once (won’t mention) they kinda went viral a while back (they messed around) it was the talk of the town lol.
    I feel like him and monte fuck. I’m not sure.
    Btw they don’t get paid much for sip and paints. And the two sip and pants are beefing Lamonte is in the middle of them. Whew it’s so much… I don’t wanna give myself away if they see this. These are nice guys though so I feel like people should chill.

  14. Damn this Paint and Sip crew need their own Reality Show on Bravo with all the Drama that surrounds them LoL. Word on the streets is that another I guess you can call him a Paint and Sip Guest Star-Mike Salley aka thekingterrell on IG is also beefing with Lamonte about him not promoting him properly at the Paint and Sip events. He was posting links to Lamonte busting it wide open on his IG story, implying that he was Gay. Well the back story on Mike Salley, he has done numerous solo videos, nude photoshoots for Gay Outlets and is always in barely there clothing on his IG, as well as let men feel him up like Lamonte during Paint and Sip, but he gets offended and upset when Gay dudes come at him with their comments on his IG pics or slide into his DM’s. He goes on rants about he wish these Faggots would leave him alone and feels that he is being harassed. MInd you he earns a living basically off Gay Men but does not want the added attention I guess after Throwing his Ass in Circle everyday. He has nice body and peen but that Mug, only a mother could love. I am like he is too damn Butt Ugly to take himself so serious but of course I am sure Gay men will continue to harass him as he say because of his peen. This whole crew sounds a Hot Damn Mess, but hey make your coins while you can.

  15. you cannot make this stuff up …and I doubt these rumors are not true…it’s quite obvious what these guys (sex workers) are doing …just look at the content on their JustForFans, OnlyFans and/or IG accts. I know a IG model who fonts as a “straight” exotic dancer & wanna be-rapper from the Midwest (a traditionally redstate that flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016) …the interesting thing is, he rarely produces music and makes his living making amateur porn for gay clients, his female followers on social media have no clue; he’s a skilled actor lol

  16. I follow Jeff Cutts and he’s definitely a narcissist lol. I mean this stuff could obviously be true but who cares? Really let them pretend to do whatever, it’s cool

  17. Well, absolutely none of this is surprising, especially the part about all of these guys being in on this together. As others have pointed out, a fantasy is easy to sell, and gays love trade and straight men. It is smart on their part because they will reap more profits pretending to be straight.

  18. Well most women never have a clue about there men but bi is another word for gay there women are just used as cover look at devon Hubbard enough said god bless them

  19. Sounds like a woman scorned lmao or man or a scorned aka @thekingterrel an ex emplyoee with mental issues lmao we all know these guys may get down but they provide good entertainment for both straight and the lgbt community to enjoy so who cares???? trying to out them is so old school especially when half them dont even give af lmao

  20. What I honestly can’t understand is why people are so butt hurt about Lamonte and his Paint “n” sip, clearly everyone is a consenting adult smiling and having a good time. I think the post is made up and is a failed attempt to try and sour their female fanbase; I guess thereby forcing Lamonte and crew in to the arms of the gay community; news flash that’s not happening especially now that they have Tiffany Haddish and other celebrities to follow attending their events. While reading the post its apparent to me that the individual is trying to play to the notion that the black community as a whole is homophobic and that black women are and can be very homophobic, which I don’t find to be accurate. Contrary to what’s projected there are a lot of freaky black men and black women out here and all because you may like your butt played with isn’t necessarily an indication or an indictment of your sexuality ( insert the conversation about interracial relationships here). Language matters and words have meaning so at the most if everything were true wouldn’t Lamonte and Jeff Cutts be bisexual; and when did bisexual become the new gay?
    I think people become very spiteful, resentful, and bitter when forced to confront their limitations, and contrary to what TV, movies, and social media may tell you the gay lifestyle has a lot of limitations. At the end of the day many of us will never find our soulmates, never find someone to grow old with, we’ll never start a family (there are many barriers to same-sex adoptions and fertilization and surrogacy are prohibitively costly), never to have a house to call a home, never create the memories that come along with raising children in a loving stable home. Then you look at people like Lamonte and his crew who are able to provocatively straddle the fence, they’re able to have these events which seem to be inclusive and “gay friendly” and as a result get all the praises and accolades that come along with it, then at the end of the day go back home to their pick of girlfriends to start a family, and raise some kids, and have that “ picture perfect” life and those of us who can’t have that and wont have that are left feeling used and abused.
    I think the bigger scandal would be if the men who attend these events weren’t real but were in fact staged for a photo opt. As a side note I also don’t believe the rumors about Lamonte at this point because in 2019 as out there as he is I’m sure a video would’ve leaked by now and I haven’t seen any videos with him and another man.

  21. Regardless, of what someone else does to make a living there will be backlash against it! This isn’t anything that’s new in society. Sexuality sells and it’s a booming business. Individuals have been selling sex since the beginning of time. Enjoy the ride of the exotic paint & sip event if you’re into it. Its just a form of BLACK ART in a real live setting enjoyed by both women and men. With all said these guys have to report their earnings to the government if they do so! Jamari , I have been following you for a while and I don’t comment on a lot of the post, but brothu continue the great work!!!

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