meek mill is “daddy”

is meek mill “daddy”?
i never looked at him in that way,
but i guess so.
straight wolves are so interesting to me.
they can say the most suspect shit,
but it’s always a “whatever“.
diddy brought meek out to his pool and…

“you deserve it,

diddy gives no fucks in his seasoned age,
don’t he?
i remember all his “daddy” talk during this iconic interview:

50 had no fucks to give with his opinion that interview:

when you have the kind of bank and connects that diddy has,
i really doubt anyone cares.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “meek mill is “daddy””

  1. Ever since Meek came home from prison he looks a little more mature but idk if I’ll call the Phillyyellphian himself daddy. He reppin our city yet he yells too damn much. However his latest album is great

  2. On Diddy.. “Where there’s Smoke there’s fire?” I think he is in touch with his feminine side .. It’s interesting dudes like him and Eddie Murphy ( Transvestite , Johny Gill ) who appear to have a ton of kids to prove people wrong about their sexuality…

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