the return of frankenstein (jussie smollett)

ima call this jussie smollett story,

it dies,
comes back to life,
comes back to life.

it’s one story that has a arm and leg out it’s coffin.
so the chicago police released all of jussie’s files to the public.
thanks to the foxholers who kept me updated.
reporter for “cbs chicago“,
charlie de mar,
had a few tweets about what his team uncovered…

i’m “robin roberts“.
this is other information from “cwb chicago“:

this still didn’t help his case.
oh well.
i’m sure he has been doing a lot of thinking during this time.
it’s time for him to make some magic bts!
he did well with “giants“.
i’m sure he can do more of the same with other productions.
he should be humbled enough to start from the bottom again.
if you want to read the entire documents:


empire” ends next season.
he needs to figure out next steps,
last month.

lowkey: he was allegedly buying drugs like that???
c’mon now jussie…

8 thoughts on “the return of frankenstein (jussie smollett)

  1. Well, it stands to reason that the brothers are now unemployable because of the “defamation” committed by Smollett and his lawyers. If you think no one will hire Jussie Smollett in the Entertainment business, imagine what those two brothers are now experiencing. They were both trying to break out as actors. Now they may have to sell that ass on grindr to make rent 🙂

    It’s only fair to give those brothers a lil six figure settlement to help buy them some groceries until they figure out a new career.

  2. If Jussie is truly innocent, I expected him to come forward and say that he and his legal team were going to continue to search for the attackers who committed such a horrible crime. That didn’t happen. They shut down the investigation and moved on with like like nothing happened.

    1. Precisely! Two white men with a noose and bleach should not be hard to find in Chicago with all the money and manpower they used.

      1. Who knows. I would support him in a way.
        Its weird that folks shun him and yet, praise sexist, homophobic male rappers, support crass artists like Cardi B, and elect a dunce as the President. Yet, he has somehow turned into this loathsome creature that has committed the ultimate sin.

        It’s so interesting how they dug into his case but never applied the same force to formerly mentioned. Not that I’m ragging on them entirely but it just seems to me like there is a puppeteer somewhere pulling these strings.

        I really do wish him well because if they can give these other folks a “second chance” despite their horrible acts, he should get one too.

        I always felt like this played out like a script. Empires ratings tanked because of Jussie? Please…Disney pulling the plug on all these shows now that they are buying out everything…lol

        I’ve never listened to any of his music. Is he actually good at singing?

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