And I Would Have Gotten Away With Being DL If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids

one thing that often puzzles me:

Why are folks the loudest with defense if they have the biggest secrets?

someone is always waiting to crack that egg on a forehead.
we got some nosy muthafuckas out here.
ones who need to be enrolled in my f-bi.
i saw a comment today ( x on this entry ) from foxholer,
96 king,
 in regards to this whole “deven hubbard expose” going on.

these latest alleged leaks contradict his “i’m very straight” stance.
remember when he came at me on some insecure shit,
even though i use to low key defend him?
well this is the solution i have for these defender types…


if you’re a male,
who is familiar with same sex relations,
and someone baits discussion about your sexuality,
it’s best to simply give a no answer.
anytime i see someone being extra defensive about something,
i know there’s a story that i want to find out why.
usually black twitter/social media will have a lead for me to follow.

from a pr stance,
clients are told to not respond to any allegations in scandals.
sometimes they just blow over.
the more anyone denies anything…

once they slip up and get exposed,
they now have to explain everything they were defending.
not only will they look like liars,
but they’ll also look insecure about what they were lying about.
if there is no evidence being brought up,
it’s always best shut the entire fuck up.
remember foxhole:

Denials are just gates that hide all the secrets

if you ignore it all,
no one has a reason to solve the mystery.
don’t be out here like a scooby doo villian.

lowkey: this is why i love tremaine in his scandals.
he never responds to the rumors.

11 thoughts on “And I Would Have Gotten Away With Being DL If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids

  1. I’m sure Deven is fully aware that majority of his following are young lusty gay men and women who are in denial about his sexuality. I think his gay ‘fans’ probably feel some type of way when he constantly denies being gay or at least being curious in the same sex, despite all these pic/vids leaks. They shower him with all the praise and attention but get nothing in return so what happens? They go to town on his ass. Tumblr and all the expose- the-thot pages have a party with this dumbass. He’ll still deny and deny all day and he IF does admit to something, it’ll be a backhanded confession like saran wrap.

    At this point he just needs to do a vow of silence and quit playing the ho games.

    AND why does he keep hanging around Vinny snake ass?!?!

  2. I believe they paid Pop Glitz for a PR move but Deven is better off saying he is a hybrid rather than a straight wolf. There are straight men who have a respect foxes, wolves, and hybrids but they don’t engage in twh shenanigans these two are doing. The real question is where is the young man Rio in this?

  3. Bruh, did you just say Saran wrap? SARAN WRAP! I tell ya, you can’t make this shit up. Had me hollering

  4. someone didn’t do their homework … google is your friend..

    1. DEVEN
    CLASS OF 16

    2. An anonymous source of ours has seen the two coming from a Four Seasons as well.

    3. There are no receipts for him playing in a Euroleague.

    4. Who verbally signs to Olympiacos?

    who ever Vinny paid to write the lies…

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