Drake Finally Took His Phone Off Airplane Mode To Respond

i have a feeling drake been crying about this.
he has had a “perfect” pop image up until now.
we have learned he has been keeping some secrets.
drake took to his ig stories to defend his blackface pictures.
this is what he had to font

i believe him.
i think pusha tea needed some ammo for his diss track.
i’m glad drake didn’t apologize,
but rather explained his side.
we either will take it or not.
i kinda want him to explain why he went raw in that french thot,
but i think that’s where his embarrassment lies the most.

i’m embarrassed for him.

lowkey: the fact drake went hard for black vixens,
but his first cub is with some white hoe.
drake and nicki got something in common.
they both got shut the fuck down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Drake Finally Took His Phone Off Airplane Mode To Respond”

  1. Just a sign that the star power he once had is waning. Never been a big fan of Drake. He has a couple of tracks here and there that I like, but going all crazy over him like most hip-hop heads do, not me. I’ve never really been impressed.
    I like J Cole more. Lol

  2. -___- . He has never in his entire career tried to be on a Kendrick or J.Cole level to express anything in relation to a black struggle or even as an actor. He has taken painful strides to lose that degrassi image. He knows what he is doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all met and planned this in advance.

  3. Funny.. I’m currently listening to my “Drake singing music” playlist on Spotify 🤣 I love his slow songs & upbeat singing songs ha. I only listen to him for good vibes.

    I will admit, Pusha clowned drake and it was nice to see him brought down a notch. I hate this cult “stan” culture that we currently live in where certain big names musicians are somewhat coddled and shielded from adversity or criticism. It only feeds their own egos in the long run. Y’all know who thee artists are.

    Shit I’m a Drake and nicki fan, I started high school when they first blew up mainstream so I remember their huge emergence on the scene with young money. But it’s nice to see them humbled a bit, nicki and her entitlement lately is lowkey turning me off her slightly (even though I’m still anticipating the album). Drake has a slight cockiness to him too. I know it’s hip hop culture to have that arrogance but i believe people with such conceited personas should be challenged.

    Honestly I don’t believe that drake’s star power is waning, he’s the highest selling rapper out in the entire world lol. His last album literally sold a million units in the first week and one of his songs reached 1 billion streams on Spotify. Not to mention he held the top 2 spots in the country with both of his songs until childish gambino came through. Drake will be fine once he releases that Skorpion album this month and people will act like nothing happened while Pusha T will have to go back to the drawing board with Massa Kanye and find another marketing ploy to sell his next album or whatever he will be endorsing.

    Alas, impregnating a PORN STAR is a huge LOSS! LMAO! You’d think Drake would know better. He is very well spoken, well mannered, Grew up relatively comfortably and seems to have his head on his shoulders. He’s not some troubled drugged out dude with a history in juvie from the projects who grew up within the compartments of “the streets”.

    How could one person be so sloppy lmao. These straight men are no better than homos, fucking every single hole raw without a thought of a condom 💀

    *sighs* I guess everything is not all it seems. 🙃
    *heads back to drake playlist pretending that none of this ever happened*

    That being said, I LOVE J Cole too. I saw him live last year (I saw Drake too). But Cole is that storytelling rapper who will give you lyrical heat with metaphors whilst simultaneously hooking it with a nice melody too. He is THAT rapper. I hate how people try to down him because Kendrick is more mainstream. Cole is in a lane of his own. His first 3 albums will always be my favorite.

    1. Sorry this was lengthy lol. I’m on my iPhone typing and didn’t realize that I went off on a tangent. But I digress

  4. I love Drake music, but you have to call a spade a spade. This little story he spun up is cute when all he had to say was he did it at an ignorant age. It’s not acceptable to use blackface to make a statement. I refuse to let something like that be normalized like ‘nigga’. They already trying it in other countries where they would wear blackface as a tradition. They don’t need motivation or a celebrity face for their cause.

    There was already a white photographer taking credit for the photo. He had the photo on his website before it was removed. He’s also been the one having it removed from other pages. This was no project between friends, it was a professional photoshoot.. I’m confused.

  5. These negroes consistently prove that the dirtiest, nastiest white hoe, is more appealing than the most refined, put together black girl. This is a man who can likely have any model, singer, actress, yet he barebacked a PORN STAR and gave her a child. These niggas are beyond reckless and will stick there dicks in anything. Early on Drake had this “Im not just anybody” swag and did exactly what these simple ass rappers do which is secure the bag for some random hoe…

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