The Pre Baller Wolf Who Wants You To Know Something About His Past

my f-bi sent me this and i literally ran to my computer.
so everyone meet marlon williams.

AT&T Cotton Bowl - Texas Tech v Mississippihe is the ex pre baller wolf for texas tech
and newest cast member of mtv’s the real world: portland.
he also has a dirty little secret.
well not really a secret,
but it’s something that may make your mouth drop.
he did a recent interview with the advocate where he admits all…

The Advocate: OK, this is awkward. MTV tells us “Marlon has had intercourse with a man before and does identify with being bisexual. But he says that he is more attracted to women and doesn’t think he would be with a man again.” We could just take their word for it, but we’d rather you tell us yourself how you identify and why.

Marlon Williams: Well, I don’t consider myself bisexual, because I’m not sexually attracted to men. I did have sex with a man but my reasoning for it was different. It was in a hectic time of my life filled with fighting a lot of life battles. I was just making a lot of decisions that I would not normally make. At that time in my life the gay community embraced me, and it is one of those things that just happened. I have nothing against people who are bisexual or gay, but that is not my preference.


You’re the son of a preacher and were raised with conservative values. Does that cause conflict for you in terms of your sexuality?

Well, sex in any form is hard, because the beliefs of my parents say that you are supposed to wait for marriage. The big misconception used in religion is that some sin is worse than others. That isn’t true. All sin is equal. Therefore, anything I do that is sinful can be forgiven if I repent and make changes. My belief is that God forgives anybody who believes and wants a new start in life.

You were a star football player at Texas Tech and were under a lot of pressure to turn pro. Do you ever resent the way other people put those kind of expectations or dreams on your shoulders?

I feel that people having high expectations of me is a good thing. That means they see great things in your character and motivation. I don’t agree with the how people treated me when I didn’t meet their expectations, though. It’s my life, I’m going to live it the way I want. I’m still the same person. It’s just sometimes life throws you curveballs and you have to make adjustments.

What are you working on now?

I’m in the studio a lot. I just performed at SXSW. I’ve opened up for Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twins. I’ve been doing it, bro. I’ve got two mixtapes out, you can check them out at Go get those jams. Actually while we were in Portland recording the show, me and Anastasia, another girl from the show, we did music there. We recorded stuff based on what we were going through out there and our life experiences during “The Real World.” We’re gonna put that out this summer.


everyone wants to be “frank ocean“,
but can’t handle what cums with it.
here is a little about marlon:

Marlon Williams
Pflugerville, Texas

He was a linebacker at Texas Tech and was ranked in the top 100 linebackers in the 2010 NFL draft, participating in NFL Pro Day. Although projected by some to be drafted, he went undrafted and played professional football in Canada for a couple of years. In addition, he was a civil engineering major while at TTU. He has the alter ego Jay Dillinger who’s a rapper. According to his Twitter account, he will be moving to Dallas to continue his music career. Based on his football profile, he was raised by his father and does not appear to have a mother in his life.


x videos of marlon here

well i have no words.
well i have two thoughts:

1. at least he is black and not some snow wolf.
2. does all the juicy meat get raised in texas?!?!!?

tumblr_ly89562Ebh1qko769o10_r1_250what do you guys think of marlon and his admission?
i’m more interested in your opinions…

lowkey: he has no twitter?
i find that hard to believe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

55 thoughts on “The Pre Baller Wolf Who Wants You To Know Something About His Past”

  1. A lot of what was said about sexuality and orientation is true….Orientation is on the inside, not necessarily what is expressed on the outside. But have any of you considered this: It’s better to tell your own dirt before someone else does? Perhaps he is being smart by airing his dirty laundry so to speak. This way it takes the sting out and puts him in the offense. People will say, oh he tried it and found out its not him! He will get a pass on this. Imagine if this guy he had sex with tried to do his “tell all” without him saying something first. It would raise eyebrows and cause controversy. What this brother did was put himself in front of any potential “tea” to take the venomous sting that could destroy him.

    1. So true, thinker. I was so glad candidate Obama mentioned in his book he had tried cocaine in his youth. It prevented the Republicans, who were doing all kinds of opposition research on him, from scoring a “gotcha” moment and changing the conversation. Even so, they tried it but it was a dud because he had already discussed it in his very widely read book.

    2. Yea, if he did not come out with it we would have heard from some ol bitter ass dude. However if he didn’t come out with it, the public might not been to harsh with him cause it was a one time thing. I give him mad props confessing.

  2. Lord Foxington, this has been a fun thread, but y’all have made me miss my movie, lol. Now, I have to try to stay awake to catch the 10:10! I might check back later, though.

  3. Orientation is different from sexual preference. You tried weed once DOES make you a weed smoker although not an addict, if you take a drug test THEN you will fail. Will your employer ask if that is your first time? No. Does it mean you LOVE weed, probably not.

    1. What are you talking about dude? It does not. I tried weed 6 years ago and I will not fail a drug test. GTFOH.

  4. Lol ok I’m done with the discussion.

    Too many arbitrary conditions.

    You get a free pass to enjoy same sex relations and still be straight?

    Never heard that one before. Lol

    Either you got hard or you didn’t.
    Either you penetrated/got penetrated or you didn’t.
    Either you nutted or you didn’t.
    Either you enjoyed it or you didn’t!

    Its all good until you encounter someone like that and find out you were the guinea pig. Lol

    I see some great arguments for DL dudes though. They can fuck dudes all day long, come home and dick down their wives/girlfriends and be straight (not even bi), by the logic of some of these comments.

    Nothing wrong with what you like, but if you choose to label yourself be honest about it.

    1. I brought up the free pass because anyone can experiment and try something once. Just because I tried weed doesn’t mean I’m a weed head now does it no.

      1. Oh my god. You can still try anything once to see how you like it. A man fucks one man and doesn’t like it, so he’s gay? Y’all are killing me right now.

    2. Every one is a guinea pig.
      Everyone will use and get used by someone in life. Hopefully you get to determine by whom and be comfortable with that decision.

      DL dudes don’t have an argument or excuse.
      Ain’t shit they can say to justify involving someone else in their misery and games.

      What I’ve been talking about and referring to doesn’t have a thing to do with sexually frustrated, sexually ashamed, or sexually confused men. At all.

      If ole boy was any of the above things I doubt if he would appear on MTV or interview with a known gay publication.

      If a person is undefined within themselves it’s impossible to determine their boundaries or limits if they have no frame of reference or is unsure about it.

  5. Interesting. Dispels some myth like people who mess with men lack a father figure. He had that. Again, is this the complete story? Are we wagering he is not in fact gay but battling with accepting himself as that? We can not tell, soon the whole mystere of being gay will be gone and once it’s ‘normal’ to see ballers/rappers/singers be gay and LOOK ‘straight’ . then LOADS of folks will be FALLING out of the closet and these vixens will be salty as fuck, and then there’ll be no more taboo affiliated with craving MAN

  6. ICDP: I see what you’re saying. Having sex with a female doesn’t make you straight and having sex with someone of the same gender doesn’t make you gay.

    All of I’m saying is if you insist on labeling yourself at least subscribe to the norms of the label YOU chose.

    I can declare I’m straight right now but it won’t eradicate all the homosexual activities I’ve partaken in and enjoyed thoroughly in the past.

    1. That first lil paragraph is bull. If you have sex with either gender more than once you need to give yourself a title. If you have sex with both sexes of and on you are bisexual. if you have sex with one gender and one only you are either straight or gay. If you only sleep with women you are straight, if you only sleep with men you re GAY.

    2. I don’t think it’s a external declaration it’s more internal.

      Everybody’s version of gay is different. I can’t tell a person how to be gay or what gay means to them, but to me, when I use the term gay it’s being emotionally and physically attracted to same biological sex AND gender as yourself.

      Now all the freaky shit during, between, or afterwards that’s up to each individual.

      You can still be just Jay who fucked and sucked a couple dudes up, and liked it. It’s okay. No labels it’s cool, you into chicks now? Cool.

      Now one label I can’t stand is “ex-gay”. Who the fuck describes themselves as what they used to be? Who are you now, let’s deal with that.

      The stigma attached to the label gay is more of the problem instead some the behaviors and activities associated with actually being gay. Hyper-femininity is expected when you reveal you are gay. This is the major problem for those who are naturally feminine or masculine, especially when you don’t fit the performance of hyper-femininity and not afraid to set the record straight—so to speak.

      1. So someone who is only physically attracted to men is not gay?

        Two points for the heartless hoes. Lmao

  7. I’m not a fan of labels of anything as complicated as sexuality.

    So with your logic, you’re saying we choose our sexuality? We choose the kinky stuff we’re into?

    1. I believe in labels. People who don’t are in denial about their sexuality. It’s just a way for them to hide and not come to term with who they truly are on the inside. Just know that their sexuality is eating them away like a virus, and they are turning more and more into a homosexual lol. When I titled myself back in 09, I accepted it for what it was. I didn’t deny it at all. What was strange is I had a girlfriend who I was in love with the year before, she was bad. I cried my eyes out when she left. I cried the whole way home from school when she left, and my bus ride was a hour long LMAO…. Friends were asking me was I ok, and man if they only knew what I was crying about lol. Well anyway, I am happy bi dude even though I am not open. That is why I try to help others who are struggling, if you come to terms and accept who you are, you will be able to live your life much easier. Life is too short to be scared of doing something you always wanted to do, and trying to live you life a certain way to please people.

      1. Do you mean ol dude in the post? If so then he is not gay or bisexual. He did it once and he hasn’t done it again, so he says. Therefore, he is still straight. Everyone gets a free pass to do try anything once.

    2. Yes, some of it is chosen—your sexuality is not just your sexual orientation. Your degree of attraction to masculinity and femininity it’s all apart of it. The type of sexual acts that turn you on and off. Your fetishes and paraphilias. It’s orientation, activity, and behavior.

      Timberland boots or work boots turn me on. Nice, big hands too. I like muscular traps, biceps, thighs, and calfs. Hairy stomachs and sensitive nipples do something to me too.

      Some people like feet, some like ankles.

      Not all behaviors will determined or be responsible for the activity–if that makes sense.

      A gay man who isn’t into anal sex, never tried it or has any desire to, is still gay.

      A bisexual woman fucking her straight man in the ass, deep, with a strap-on is not performing a gay sex act. It’s just a sexual act.

      2 gay men and 3 straight men watching straight porn together in a dorm room jacking off (sounds hot!) is just a circle jerk.

      A man with a foot fetish will linger on some nice toes regardless if they belong to a man or woman.

  8. Like The Man said some people can develop feelings for someone who is there for them in trying times and that an culminate into a sexual encounter.

    I’ve always wondered if performed an experiment where they blindfolded a straight man and had a man perform fellatio on him would he be erect, even when aware of a strong masculine odor. How would the results be if they put perfume on the man? Or introduced pheromones? What would be the implications of the results?

    You also have women who eat their straight man’s ass. Men who prefer fellatio from men. Men who like to watch or masturbate with other men. They’ll still declare they’re straight even though those activities could be classified as homoerotic or just straight up suspect.

  9. A straight identified man can have sex with a man, enjoy it, and still be (and identify as) straight.

    Don’t see what the story, or problem, is here.

    Met plenty of gay men who had sex with women and had monogamous relationships with them.

    My initial question was, “How did you keep it up (literally)?”.

    Every body’s reactions to stimulation is different. Some men can perform with whomever regardless of their own personal orientation or based on their partner’s gender and others will have limp dead dick if it’s not their preference.

    1. ^as usual,
      you bring another perspective that brings thought.

      just know you all have strangers who are lurking and listening.
      they needed to read this.

    2. No argument about that, but if that’s the case can that person honestly be defined as straight? Or are they “TRYsexual” as in they’ll try anything.

      I’m not a fan of the labels but if you insist on using them you can’t be ambiguous with them. I honestly feel sexuality is fluid and few people are clean cut, straight.

      1. Sexuality is very fluid. I think more people would act on their feelings if they weren’t afraid. I suspect many of the brothers who frequent adult bookstores, bath houses, parks and other places that offer some degree of anonymity are acting on their fluidity.

      2. I know what he means. It is only a few people who are truly straight. If they tried it they might like it. Just like if some of y’all tried being with a women you would like it.

        1. LOL, that brings to mind women who think they can change a man’s true orientation. I wholeheartedly disagree. Of course, anything might be possible for some but not for the kid here. If I’m enjoying a really good fuck and trying to delay my orgasm so I stay in the ass, I visualize a Beyonce-type female but only for a second or two lest I go completely flaccid. And, I can appreciate her attractiveness and see where straight brothers would find her appealing, but I am not into women, sexually, in any way shape or form. I’d much rather spend time discussing politics with Whoopie Goldberg or Ambassador Susan Rice, fully clothed.

      3. Are you not a fan of labels when it comes to sexuality or are there other areas too?

        I don’t think sexuality is invalidated or negated because a person may have sex once( or repeatedly) with a person of the opposite orientation or same gender.

  10. @The Man: That would still make him bisexual in my opinion.I don’t care how much love and compassion someone shows you, he was willing and able to get natural with a man. I believe sexuality is fluid though, more people are bisexual than we know. They just haven’t found the right one.

    I read no where in his response he was disgusted by it and could not perform.

    1. He could be and may not act on it, but that is his choice and I won’t shade him for that. As long as he is not struggling on the inside it is all good.

    2. @ Jay: it was a breath if fresh air for me that a youngin’ — just 24, former star athlete, going into the entertainment industry, and raised by a preacher father — would be that comfortable to acknowledge in a national magazine that he has had intercourse with another man and not claim he was drunk or high the way homophobic Republican elected officials do when they get caught with their pants down. And, we know he’s heard all the put downs and negative comments, even though they may not have been directed at him.

      1. But he claimed he was in a bad place and didn’t make decisions he would normally make which is essentially the equivalent. Lol he almost makes it seem like someone took advantage of him in his lowest point.

  11. I might buy his side if he was just intimate with a dude, as in kissing or seeking emotional support from one, but the fact he was able to perform sexually for one is questionable.

    I’m assuming it was anal sex because I don’t think he’d mention it if it were just oral.

    I don’t know any dudes that have tried boy pussy once and quit either. Not one. Its more addictive than cocaine. Lol

    If he did it once, he’ll do it again. He didn’t say he didn’t like it either.

    1. ^that is true.
      once a dude sticks his dick in some ass,
      it is hard to let that go.
      i’m sure he will do it again.
      he is about to get into the entertainment industry.
      his business card was “i had sex with a man before”.
      any producer willing to work with him that gets down will get a sample of that mahogany.

      1. The presumption here is that he did the topping. If what you and Jay are saying is true that once tapping some ass would make it difficult to not do it again, perhaps he gave up the buns and it hurt, which might explain why he doesn’t want to do it again. And, going into the entertainment industry where a whole lot of “thug types” have given up the buns for a break, gives mucho credence to what Lord Foxington is saying. I, too, think he will do it again, be it it as fox, hybrid or wolf. I have much respect and admiration for his forthrightness. It shows he is most comfortable in his skin.

  12. One more thing.

    Ya’ll dudes have got to stop thinking you can turn these dudes out and make them yours.

    You just end up looking like a fool.

    You don’t possess any supernatural head game or ass that’s going to make some straight dude your love slave. There’s always someone out there who can top what you do.

    You’ll always lose to the vixens because they can give these “straight”dudes normalcy, kids, and acceptance which is what they desperately want.

    You shouldn’t be jumping through hoops for someone to want you. You and that person should be meeting each other half way.

    I’m saying this because I know he’s left some poor gay dude looking and feeling like an idiot for putting him on a pedestal.

    1. ^this came right on time too.
      i was going through a bit of a situation myself and needed to write about it.
      when i gather my thoughts,
      i will write an entry.

    2. Oh I agree. Men do do that. Going crazy over a dude who is straight. I always wait until dude shows me signs until I start making moves. If I play and flirt with him and he does not catch it then I am done. Well, I think every dude is gay until proven other wise lol. I had given up one dude and he turned out to be bisexual even though he was not showing me signs when we talked. We ended up talking.

      1. I guess that’s where I’m different.

        I don’t want no newbies! I need someone that has messed with dudes before. Not trying to break anyone in or be their experiment.

        I know better! I’ve been the “wishy washy, sometimey, fuck and disengage” type.

      2. I do not do newbie’s either. The guy was not a newbie, I just didn’t know he was like that until we talked further. A friend of mine is like that tho. One second he does the next minute he doesn’t. He worried me over the summer about seeing me and us hanging out, and he hasn’t hung out with me yet. He is always busy with school and work, but I know what the issue is. I came to the conclusion that he is scared and afraid lol. If he really wanted to do something with me we would have already done it.

    3. well from MY perspective I KNOW “turning out” is real. i was TURNED OUT, i TURNED out a LOT of people when i was in boarding school, some of the biggest man whores with women FUCK with dudes ALSO if not more, and trust me it relayed to MORE than sex, it became relationships with feelings involved, I prefer that to overtly desensitized gay boys who find it au-naturel to be stripped naked in a minute, call their asses bussy, and think they are women. NAda

  13. First of all, he is cute. Second, I believe him. That’s right. He was going through the motions and probably got love and support from a man who is gay. Y’all see it in the movies all the time. Some woman is consoling a man and he starts looking at her her different, and then they are in bed. Just imagine us slipping up and having sex with a fem guy just because he happened to be there. Shit happens. If he truly was like that, I do not think he would open up about it.

    1. There had to be some sort of attraction for him to be erect huh?

      I’m not into transexuals, therefore if one was to rub my penis or perform fellatio on me I would be flaccid.

      1. A mental attraction is possible. My attraction to JR smith is mostly mental, I love who he is on the inside, that attitude is one of the reason why I would fuck around with him. See what I mean?

        Some people have a weakness for people who show them love and compassion. Let a dude who is not too attractive in the face, but doesn’t have a bad body comfort me in my worst time, I’ll probably hit it. When someone shows love and support some people do not see looks or gender.

  14. I bet some dude out there is salty as hell! They probably listened to his problems, gave him money, and sucked his dick on command just for him to say “I was in a bad place. I’m really not into men.”

    This brings up an interesting philosophical argument. Can we tell him he is gay/bi if he says he isn’t? Wouldn’t that be the same as someone telling us we’re not gay/bi just confused?

    Furthermore, is the fact he’s honest about it just prove he IS being honest with himself as well as everyone else?

    1. ^those are good questions jay.
      one thought i have is of course the world will automatically label him gay.
      lets face it,
      it’s still taboo for men.
      vixens can switch in/out at any given moment with no judgement.
      i think the gays will want to turn him out so they can get that wood all the time lol

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