Songzbird Smashes A Vixen Inside The Booth For All of Us To Hear

songzbird is nasty.
nasty i tell ya!

tumblr_mkhrh6xAma1rq0khwo1_500so tonight i decided to listen to his mix tape,
anticipation 2…
has anyone heard this interlude for “inside part2”?
listen closely…

“squeeze it with ya pussy”.
then commence the moaning and sex clappin’ noises.
talk about a long horny train ride home…

tumblr_mkhqtuBPxm1ri3rnvo1_500damn you songzbird.

x download anticipation

x download anticipation 2

lowkey: his mix tapes are usually better than his albums.
i can never understand why.

lowkey 2: i got terrible pipe off that first mix tape way back.
songzbird and the weed had me open.
too bad the wolf didn’t.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Songzbird Smashes A Vixen Inside The Booth For All of Us To Hear”

  1. When I first heard that song, I said the same exact thing! lol.
    Anticipation 2 will always be one off my favorites. I went to his Anticipation 2 concert and lets just say he had me feeling some type of way. All those girls were shouting all type of freaky shit (one actually came on herself behind me….talk about awkward/sexy at the same time…lmao) (Big Sean was featured as well (he’s lowkey cute). That was a really great concert! I would go see him again in a heartbeat.

  2. Yea, I heard this. I had an awkward look on my face the whole time. I hate hearing other people have sex btw. It feels weird.

  3. watch this guy be some deluded sick bastard in his private life.. the story i just read about bieber and his attitude with his neighbor and wayne’s secret ‘epilepsy’ leaves me doubting all these guys

  4. Let me pipe u … For part two … Most niggas n bitches run from it … They call me DiggHer … I can digg deep if u want me to … I get the vibe yo sex outta this galaxy … I’m pretty sure yo Milky Way is just as Inticing yo entries (kanyeshrug) justsayin

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