our 300th meat.
can you believe i have posted 300 flavors of prime beef already?
here is my favorite flavor…

tumblr_mgfcyfJ5n81qh6y6po1_500one of the foxhole favorites.
every time i post on broderick hunter,
he always gets a ton of love.
well my meaty model wants me to get ready for summer

tumblr_mkfx0994O91qjzruzo1_500…with him soaking wet on top of me.
i have totally neglected broderick, haven’t i?
yes ive been bad…


you could as well season him and bring him to me.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “MEAT: MODEL WOLF EDITION (300)”

  1. *starts breathing heavily and literally grabs chest* Oh my god this nigga looks good. I’m think I’m gonna have a heart attack.

      1. He would be a big commodity if he was down. Could you imagine all the thirsty men that would be after him? The Wolves, Foxes, Hybrids, and Jackals would all be trying to get a piece.

  2. Insanely HOT!
    Idk why people call him cocky!…
    I’d take him cooked and RAW 😉
    My favorite black boy TO DATE

  3. I don’t see him cocky…
    I see him very confident and comfortable in his skin…
    How else will you be a black male super model to date?!
    The boy is hotter than Cali in July..
    Y’all can’t handle that LOL

      1. If he is a Fox you ain’t testin shit. You will just look, admire, and send him over to the Wolves so we can attack.

  4. Very handsome man. If he was just a lil thicker, I’d be waiting outside his house faithfully. Who am I kidding? He could still get it.

  5. Lips are UGLY!!!
    He is fine as hell though….
    Body, face…eyes (don’t look into them)
    Whoooo… Take me away

  6. I’m wondering which model would y’all prefer JJ or Broderick? That would be a good post Jamari lol

  7. Broderick Hunter surpasses ANY black male model in my book….
    The industry doesn’t give him nearly enough credit for his sexiness..
    But the boy is DOING IT and well…
    I’ll eat him at the restaurant AND order another round to go lol

  8. He is so sexy and fine!!! I love his lips and he appears to be carrying quite the package between those nice thighs!!!

  9. DAMN! He does look good! I’ve been having my eye on him for a while, but I didn’t know he name. He is gorgeous. He’s the type of dude that doesn’t have to anything, but look sexy. If he’s intelligent, I’ll cuff him in a heartbeat! That’ll be a major plus!

  10. Sources say He’s doing a few GQ spreads and an underwear campaign (apparently…I hope they’re not teasing lol)…
    AND a few movie/tv appearances…
    These are just sources from a few… Unconfirmed… But I can care less. I just want more nude shots lol

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