Dear Rihanna, I Want To Lick The Tattoos Off Your Body…

i know i said i wasn’t going to do this,
but i don’t give a shit.
new video dedicated to rihanna


i love my f-bi.
they bring me all the goodies.
you spoil me.
i will say…
this is most i have seen him dress like he has money.
his clothing budget got an upgrade.
hopefully he keeps on fuckin’ that person who is buying him clothes.
this song tho…

i gotta give it to him.
he is consistent.


but i guess i’ll ask…

will you boys be downloading his EP when it drops?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Dear Rihanna, I Want To Lick The Tattoos Off Your Body…”

  1. I guess this shit looked good when he was in his Aunt Pearl basement coming up with the concept, but as usual it fail to deliver. I cant with the white Prince and the Revolution blouse, at first I thought it was a Spanx for men. I will give him a 10 for mug and body, he is a good looking young man, but his dream of a rapper/singer is just that a dream, but I guess a Ninja needs a dream to make it another day. Po Rihanna is more like it. Please stop this fuckery in 2013, I blame WorldStarHipHop!

  2. This shit shoulda been called auto tune cause that’s all I hear. Yes nigga u look good but can u please get them tattoos finished??? S/N idk he was still relevant

  3. Will he sit his ass down already. He had his year to come up with this hogwash, and that was 2012. This is 2013, a new year. In the words of Sweet Brown “Aint nobody got time for that!”

  4. OMFG. The tight clothes (I did like that white shirt though. I’d rock it.) and over doing everything was pure comedy. I suffered from serious second hand embarrassment. At least baby boy’s trying though, I guess.

  5. LMFAO I couldn’t get past 15 seconds. Way too much auto tune. He sounds like he drank a bottle of whiskey and popped a couple of NyQuil tablets b/c he sounds drowsy as hell. Also, where the hell does he get his clothes they look mad cheesy especially the military shirts those have been played out for a while.

    1. ^lol right!

      and if you gonna be drake,
      be better.

      things that went through my head watching….

      he should of had a female singing the hook.
      the hook itself is basic and makes absolutely no sense.
      was the song about rihanna or another female named rihanna?
      ol girl in the video was extremely basic and she had no tats.
      was this a video for him just to not have a shirt on, show how sexual he is, and smoke weed?
      what was the point of the video again?
      he desperately needs a stylist.

      i will give the director and video editor a thumbs up.
      they need to shoot people that will actually put them on.
      this is some “after school/bored at mama house” shit.

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