Jamari Fox Guide: How To Eat Your Wolf’s Ass And Try To Make Him Hit A Few High Notes

hit that note baby!

this entry is only for the foxes out there who are adventurous.
the ones who want to please a wolf/hybrid and get a little nasty.
nothing turns me on by dominating a wolf/hybrid sometimes.
a powerful one,
one that is a hood,
muscular as hell,
or the “attention whore” is even better.

having him beggging, toes curling, moaning, and running.
making him do things he has never done before.
what we do in the bedroom is between us.
so that being said,
it’s HIS turn.

this entry is not for the blatant hoes.
i’m sure my well qualified freaks know how this already.
see you can’t do this type of freaky shit with everyone.
not everyone is ready for the message.
this is NOT for the wolf you met on a chat site for a one night stand.
the one who is “fine” and you want to keep him around.
those morons don’t deserve this.
this is only for the wolves who you are with.
maybe a consistent fuck buddy you want to practice on.
i even think this should be done on special occasions or surprises.
so enough with this intro.

let’s get started, shall we?…
i also like a wolf a nice ass.
whether it is big and fat or tight and muscular,
i already got my hands all over it.
getting your wolf to agree can be a challenge.
some of them are so strict about even letting you grab their ass.
others will have their ass tooted up in the bed as soon as you mention it.
if you are good at ear hustlin,
you can assure him that you just want to try something new.
shake things up in the bedroom.

wolves don’t think about cleaning their back boxes like we do.
so before you put any tongue on his cheeks,
make sure he does the proper cleaning requirement.
he can fleet or do a quick water flush.
just make sure he takes a shower and he completely clean in there.
no surprises.

you have two options:
 bend him over.
lie on his back with his legs up.
i like him to be bent over.
face down; ass up.
i get to palm the cheeks and massage them as i’m destroying that hole with my tongue.

if you bent him over,
clasp your hands on his butt cheeks.
i’m a romantic type of fox,
so i might kiss and suck on both cheeks before i feast.
take his dick and start suckin on it from the back.
do your usual tricks or find new ones.
it doesn’t matter.
make sure you start off with some head before diving into anything.

take your tongue and slowly slide it up against his hole.
run your tongue slowly up and down to get him ready for what is about to go down.
flick your tongue up and down on his hole.
if you want,
slowly let your tongue enter him.
tongue fuck him a little.
talk dirty to him.
smack him on his ass.
make him feel like a nasty bitch for once.

if you have him lay on his back with his legs up.
stop and admire how he looks.
cute, huh?
the plate is open and ready for feasting.
start by giving him some open season head.
do your usual tricks.
start playing with his sack and the sensitive parts around it.
the sides.
that important part underneath his balls.
make your way to his asshole.
since it is pretty much starring in your face,
put your whole face in there and stick your tongue inside him.
you can do a lot more when his legs are up in the air.
try some new tricks.

this is now for the advance freaks…

run your tongue up to his crack.
suck in between it.
bite on his ass cheeks.
suck on them.
spank them.
attack that that spot under his balls.
nibble on it.
pull on it.
put his balls in his mouth.
rotate suckin his dick and suckin under the shaft.
have his whole undercarriage sloppy.

this should have him howling at the moon at midnight.

what you don’t want to do is stick your finger in him and finger pop him.
that may open doors you may later regret.
if he wants and he is ready for “that”,
hey then go for it.
beware that he is going to like this a lot.
the same thing you feel; he is going to feel.
legs trembling.
cooing like a baby.
you may even make him hit a long high note or two.
just have fun.
teach him how a real fox does it to please his man.
make sure you have him running.

that means you are doing it right.

gifs courtesy of boi pussy.
love him.

11 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Guide: How To Eat Your Wolf’s Ass And Try To Make Him Hit A Few High Notes

  1. Ok Jamari, I see class is in session, lol. I did that number youre talking about, but I went from his nipples, licked to his navel, down to his dick and balls then to his ass. Drove wolf out of his mind!

      1. do the “belly button” test first. If its putrid you know the. backside is.

        this is the best way to reel in a “straight” baller!! once you make him nut eating him out …. he will always be back for more.

  2. You got a brother all excited and sh!t. Talk that talk,Jamari. Let #TeamFox know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Don’t be afraid to try something new on/with your wolf, and vice versa.

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