Kellon Deryck Has A Mean Tongue Game

“do you see a pic of your boo kellon…”
that is usually how all my foxmails start out.
either about tremaine or him.
ya’ll know who i like so well.
well one of the foxholers sent me a treat.

i mean…
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What Is Trey Burke Doing?

tumblr_mzovy3b7pA1qe8nc8o1_400nba baller wolf,
trey burke,
is kinda fine.
i mean,
but why is this happening below?…
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Jamari Fox Guide: How To Eat Your Wolf’s Ass And Try To Make Him Hit A Few High Notes

hit that note baby!

this entry is only for the foxes out there who are adventurous.
the ones who want to please a wolf/hybrid and get a little nasty.
nothing turns me on by dominating a wolf/hybrid sometimes.
a powerful one,
one that is a hood,
muscular as hell,
or the “attention whore” is even better.

having him beggging, toes curling, moaning, and running.
making him do things he has never done before.
what we do in the bedroom is between us.
so that being said,
it’s HIS turn.

this entry is not for the blatant hoes.
i’m sure my well qualified freaks know how this already.
see you can’t do this type of freaky shit with everyone.
not everyone is ready for the message.
this is NOT for the wolf you met on a chat site for a one night stand.
the one who is “fine” and you want to keep him around.
those morons don’t deserve this.
this is only for the wolves who you are with.
maybe a consistent fuck buddy you want to practice on.
i even think this should be done on special occasions or surprises.
so enough with this intro.

let’s get started, shall we?…
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WOLF MEAT: (143)

wolf meat 143?
i got something i’m sure you will love

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Would You Tattoo His Name On Your Butt Cheeks?

Can dick be THAT good?

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I Like It When You Dive In Head First

Let’s talk.

This is for my GROWN Wolves.
My CUBS go back to bed and put the blanket over your head.
This conversation is NOT for you.

BUT, I need my GROWN AND SEXY Wolves to c’mere real quick…

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