I Like It When You Dive In Head First

Let’s talk.

This is for my GROWN Wolves.
My CUBS go back to bed and put the blanket over your head.
This conversation is NOT for you.

BUT, I need my GROWN AND SEXY Wolves to c’mere real quick…

I see you over there looking.
I see you watching and scoping.
I finally gave in and Im about to give your stupid ass some good loving.

But wait…

Did you think I was just going to let you stick it in that easy?
oOh no Wolfie baby…
You boutz to get on those knees and get ready to please.

“You ain’t hitting shit until you stick your tongue in this.”

You got to make love to it with your tongue.
I need that “sloppy”./em>
I want you to make your tongue “vibrate”.
I would love if you used your tongue as a dick and go in and out.

If you do it wrong, I will make you do it again until you get it right.
And when you ate it all…

… We can cuddle.

Would you like that?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “I Like It When You Dive In Head First”

  1. I’ve been rimming for years! Not every fox gets to go to heaven before I lay pipe, but when I lick that out, then lay good pipe they always come back for more!

    You’re preaching to the converted!

  2. I hate bad eating.
    When it’s done right, I should be wet when all is said and done. There should be no biting, nibbling,or forceful thrusting of the tongue. It’s not that kind of party. Take your time and for god’s sake, stop rushing through it.

    When I eat, I take my time. I pay attention.Your fox/hybrid’s body will tell you whether or not it feels good.

    I hate having to fake it.

  3. Im ticklish and rubbing your facial hair down there makes me jump lol. But i really enjoy it. They always wanna eat i from the back though. Never got to sit on and ride somebody’s face. I’ve always wanted to try that.

  4. I’ve never had anyone ride my face; it’s usually from the back or I stick your legs up. Of course, everyone isn’t gonna get the good tongue…you have to earn it.

    I personally hate the thrusting of the tongue in & out when it’s done to me, though.

    And since I’d rather eat an azz than suck a dack, I guess that’s wolf behavior? lol

  5. I must admit, there’s nothing like a good clean ass, especially when its a bubble ass and its resting on your face while you eating that ass. Lately, I have ran into some foxes who just want a fox to jump in and bang their back out, but im ole school give me some foreplay and get me to that point….let me eat you out while you seating on my face and I can see the muscles in your back is one way to get me there!!

  6. Everyone will not get the tongue. Besides, I have to be really attracted to my partner AND be in the mood to eat, or be eaten.

  7. But for some reason none of you vids show dudes rimming you….thats what the fuck im waiting for..see you bouncing on someones face…please share

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