Tweaked-Out, Fucked-Out Bitter Stunt Queen

bigstock_Tough_Nut_To_Crack_1835354i couldn’t sleep last night.
tossed and turned.
i let this “kerry rhodes/the roasted peanut” get to me.
filled with anger and sadness,
every time i closed my eyes,
i was awakened with a nightmare.
today i’m exhausted.
in life,
we meet people who try to befriend us,
or even love us.
what happens when it turns out to be all a lie?
they use those moments,
the ones we thought we shared of happiness and good times,
to fan the flames of a scandal?
laying in bed,
lights on at 3am,
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Was it all a lie?

peanut knew what he was doing.
i think that’s what pisses me off the most.
any one of us,
in his shoes,
would have reacted differently if dumped.
you don’t pull someone out the closet like that.
the foxhole knows that.
his reasoning is that he is mad kerry denied him to the public.
didn’t you already know this when you moved onto 31 kerry rhodes?
it’s not like he didn’t know what the deal was.
he even said he cropped kerry out of pictures because it was no one’s business.
so if you knew all this,
why act brand new in these interviews?

Dd6Z42Uthis situation will also make it hard on “us“.
anyone i meet,
or is even interested,
will now think twice in fear of being “peanutted“.
we could say it won’t,
but for right now,
any baller wolf will be on guard.
i’m not a peanut by far.
never been; never will.
a fox likes nice things and nice places,
but i’m not interested in fame.
i don’t want to use someone to achieve fame either.
i want to build with someone to create greatness.
he is doing his thing.
i’m doing mine.
we come together and create the sort of power people dream about.

when i woke up this morning,
dragging and completely out of it,
all i could think about is being “peanutted“.
we are also not exempt from being in kerry’s situation.
“peanuts” don’t always have to look/act like that.
to be a peanut means you have a character flaw.
it means taking something common,
building it up and showing it another side of life,
and then him/her turning on you.
that person could be the man/woman of your dreams,
your friend who is smiling up in your face right now,
or even someone who is blood.
“trust no one” is it?
is that the new motto?
not even the people we fall in love with?
do we always have to be on guard?
should everyone in our lives sign a contract to protect our secrets?
i had to ask…

How can you avoid being “peanutted”?

lowkey: i do have to applaud the bitch.
kudos peanut.
he didn’t deserve any of that.
i can go ahead and bag:

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 11.07.54 PM…and show him what dealing with a fox is really about.
i’m like milk baby.
i do a mind, body, and soul real good.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Tweaked-Out, Fucked-Out Bitter Stunt Queen”

  1. I’ve definitely been observing this and I haven’t commented but I definitely feel the same anger and frustration you feel about the entire. Its crazy how he’s causing all these problems. He’s searching for fame and destroying a future for any fox or wolf in the process.

    I think the only way not to get peanutted is to as referred to in the last entry to have mothafuckas sign confidentiality agreements and thoroughly vet dudes especially if you’re in the public. Kerry my heart goes out too you, we all aren’t like this.

  2. Be not dismayed.

    Peanut really does not affect anyone other than Peanut.
    I did mention how Leos (other than myself and Man of course) seem to end up with the wretched of the earth for some strange reason. This is simply another case.

    Peanut outed someone. He has loose lips. Nobody likes a snitch. Can’t think of one person that does. It’s not about K. Rhodes at this point–what he did or didn’t do to whomever. People get dumped daily and best friends fall out that doesn’t mean you go to the internet and air their asses out–cause you angry. There will never be a shortage of Peanuts like there will never be a shortage of “___”- Wives. Scandalous loose lipped hoes come in all shapes in sizes.

    Dudes, men, ballers, wolves, whatever you’re in to are still out there and are still available to you.

    Peanut does not have a thing to do with other people approaching you, dealing with you, or taking the time to get to know you. At all.

    This situation really has nothing to do with “us”, and for many people, our situation is already hard. Outing a baller athlete is miniscule compared to the daily threats of violence, microagressions in public, or family abandonment that some of us are dealing with.

    I don’t trip out or cringe when black men or gay men act a damn fool and I checked others when they ask, directly or indirectly, “Don’t you feel bad/ashamed/angry/embarrassed that _____ makes you/us look like…”

    I tend to hit them with : “Hell-the-fuck-naw! They don’t make me look like a damn thing and I don’t appreciate you lumping me in with that bullshit” with more or less curse words depending on the setting.

    1. And what does that mean?? It’s nothing wrong with being in tan pants and a red tee shirt. I work for that company making good money. Of coarse management!! Lol

      1. nothing wrong with an honest living at all. Speaking more to how Hollywood will be saying “Welcome to Target” once he finishes spending the little bit of change he got from those mediocre blogs.

  3. lol im mad you take this to heart? what for? do u know either of them? they pay your bills? it aint that deep shorty, kalm down

    1. Girl I been watching you show out in those other threads and it’s plain as day you relate to that stunt queen. Your whole demeanor is messy stunt queen. Bitch your font on your computer is probably Arial SQ. When you feel passionate about something, you go into long drawn out babbling. I seen you get passionate about this topic and fraternities. We are all sorry that this subject hit your prostate Miss D but Jamari or his readers is not the enemy guhl.

    2. the problem with this is that it perpetuates a stereotype. That makes out gay men have to deal with unnecessary hurdles in the quest to be taken seriously..

      Today’s world is on the precipice of some major changes, and bullshit like this plays a small role in fucking it all up.

    1. Ill pay good money that Kerry didnt know. Miss Peanut Le’Hollywood knows he was holding evidence and blackmail. Why come love bottoms erased all the pictures from that Instagram? That was Miss Peanut!! He was waiting to come for Kerry. He said he is mad that Kerry denies the pictures but if Kerry didnt give a comment, you think that cunt would have bowed out gracefully?

      1. I was going to jump in when all the readers dragged the roots out your head, but they finally stepped up and put your ass in place. You been trying it for a long time.

  4. Not to be mean, but to avoid being peanutted I guess staying away from men who are out would be good, and that’s only cause they don’t have nothing to lose. People are crazy nowadays, they get mad and out you and tell your biz. I just can’t.

  5. That bop doesn’t represent me. He got dumped and as a typical stunt queen, went on an outing spree. You not going to sit there and tell me Kerry knew those pictures were being taken of him. You not. They all look like his little ugly friend wearing the red sweater in the video took them. Kerry isn’t even looking into the camera. They don’t look candid at all. Kerry got played, but it’s a lesson learned. Be careful who you let into your life and have them sign a NDA.

  6. Ive been following this situation for days and following your blog Jamari but not commenting. My cellphone has been blowing up with this high faggotry.

    Rhodes was out of his Got-damn mind! He could have done better than that. Evidently he wised up and dumped that leech but it was too late.

    I have nothing against fem dudes. Peanut’s issue is not femininity…that miniature Chewbaca has no class! He is a messy little girl who thinks is boi pussy is unique. It aint.

    I have a buddy who dated a married Redskins player and traveled with him. I have another buddy in Atlanta who is a gigh class pimp who hooks up athletes and celebs with men and women and sometimes men and women at the same time.

    Both of them keep their fucking mouths shut and collect the perks and enjoy that good athlete dick and ass.

    Peanut should have attended their class…Rolling with a Baller 101. They would have told Peanut he aint fucking over no one but himself. Shit Target wint even want that Country Queen by next year.

    As a PR professional I would advise Rhodes to tell the TRUTH. Admit he is gay and fell in love with a user because he is naive and felt lonely in the closet.

    Then he should focus on training and stay in shape on the slim chance a team comes calling.

    If that doesnt happen I would advise him to write a book about being gay in the NFL, do the talk show/Wendy Williams circuit and go to work for a pro gay foundation or get on the board of the Gay Olympics.

    Cuz Rhodes has options. Peanut wont have shit but a used luxury car he cant afford to fix and a closet full of out of style swagg.


  7. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the whole situation.

    The bullshit comes with the territory of opening yourself up. You don’t like it? Don’t open up.

    I can’t help but feel the only reason all of you care is because Kerry Rhodes is rich and attractive.

    Then there seems to be a tinge of jealousy because Peanut obviously had Kerry eating out of the palm of his hand and he didn’t worship or appreciate this dude the way some of you would have.

    1. ^i don’t know if that comment had me in mind,
      but ill bite.

      i would have given him props.
      he got kerry rhodes.
      he was living that life.
      that is a big deal.
      i don’t respect him pulling him out the closet.
      you don’t do that.
      even if kerry was ugly or whatever,
      i wouldn’t have respect peanut.
      how many times have I spoken about these hoes who out ballers?
      check the archives.
      i don’t respect squealers.
      furthermore his attitude is terrible and he is not graceful about any of this.
      i don’t know about anyone else,
      but that’s how I feel.

      maybe I have a heart and I’m not an asshole.
      unless kerry gave him aids or some std,
      where is the logic?

      1. Naw, the comment wasn’t targeting anyone specifically, just the general sentiments in the comments I’ve seen.

        I don’t doubt that most are against outing someone, but some people are going too hard in the paint.

        I’m not saying the ONLY reason you all care is because he’s big, fine, rich, and masculine, but it plays a huge part in it.

        No one can really convince me otherwise.

        1. ^ive always spoken out against outing people.
          this has gone way too far and this peanut is looking like a bully.
          we all can relate with this.
          how many messy queens have tried to pop shit because someone wasn’t interested?
          i know one tried to call me out and I nearly knocked his ass out.
          this whole peanut thing is right up my alley with what my blog is about also

          i think the whole thing is wrong.
          others may have wrong intentions,
          but shit,
          i wrote the entry about peanut way back when.
          im the pioneer LOL

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