Allegedly, Kerry Rhodes Is Getting Married (Kerry Get In Here)

you read the title right.
now take it with a grain of salt.
this is coming from a “source” who spoke to baller alert.
i don’t do sources.
i could pretend to be a source and send an email.
it’s that easy.
either way,
allegedly he’s supposed to be marrying her.

kerryrhodesandnicolewilliams2 damage control?
the “complexion for protection”.
how convenient.
can she save kerry?
if this is true,
i’m about to take kerry though a segment in the foxhole:

“how to save a baller wolf’s ass in a scandal”

his people.
“the source”.
read this now…

hope all is well.
i understand you do not want to come out the closet.
no one is forcing you too.
just because shan`de`lela and mercedes,
on the black blog circuit think you should,
doesn’t mean you have too.
this is your life.

marrying some chick,
who looks like she strolled off the pages of “” is a no-no.
if you really wanted to make “it” look realistic,
you needed to find a sista.
not a model.
an everday chick.
the “high school sweetheart”.
one these black vixens following the story will relate too.
“oh she is cute.”
meanwhile they are fuming because in their minds:
“i would have been better.”
one who looks like she knew you for 10 years.
she had a regular job.
she didn’t want to see the spotlight so there are no pictures.

you have been doing well kerry.
i love that you are replying to fans on instagram,
updating with pictures and just laying low.
that was helping.
you were showing the public this didn’t phase you.
who is peanut?
it would have blown over by next week.
the story was losing steam.
marrying some chick in june will do what exactly?
have people magically forget about this?

tumblr_meaalzMgtE1riehnbo1_500my advice:
whatever amateur is doing your pr.
fire them immediately.
hire me instead.
continue to lay low.
do not marry her.
read a good book.
i got a couple suggestions.
aren’t you suppose to be looking for a team?
that should be the focus.
hell a job in general.
proving your “straightness” to people who are temporarily invested tho?
not a wise decision.
this just gave the blogs a reason to label you the enemy.
the coward.
god forbid peanut fires up again.
i was really starting to forget about him.
stop with these antics kerry and his team.

all “alleged” btw.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Allegedly, Kerry Rhodes Is Getting Married (Kerry Get In Here)”

  1. I hope this is alleged.
    If it isn’t it will look to fake and staged.
    Hopefully it isn’t and Kerry can come and let me take care of him.
    Nah but seriously, I really don’t want him to get married. That just got me tite

  2. I am literally cringing reading this story, I hope that this is some made up internet hoax. That would be the worse thing he could do, he will be the laughing stock and joke of the NFL and Black Blogs, Bossip and MediaTrashOut will both run with this story for years just ask Al Reynolds and Star Jones. You would only add fuel to the fire, because a scandalous Queen like Peanut will feel like you are trying to rub it in her face and she might come out like a caged animal when its cornered, and release all kind of messy shit or keep shit started because these messy ass females who are the majority of these Blogs readers are literally eating this story up like its one of their favorite fried meals. I have seen so many hateful, messy, and downright ignorant comments about this story on these ghetto blogs by Black females that its disgusting and tells me that I am right in my assessment to keep my business to myself and not fool with most black women but on a simple surface level. These women have no love for gay men especially if she is overweight, lonely and man-less. I hope one of Kerry friends or Kerry himself will find your site Jamari and reach out for advice or at least read these comments. You are right on time in your assessment on how he should handle this. Release no statements and only talk about your desire to get with another team, this is your only focus and concern and this other stuff is just distractions.

    1. ^it bugs me everytime I hear black women in general say we don’t like them.
      they don’t like us.
      they tolerate us.
      they like it when you are feminine,
      do hair,
      pick out their clothes,
      and spill dirt.
      they don’t like when you are smart,
      good looking,
      and masculine.
      they don’t like when you get a man they should be marrying and fuckin.

      i love sistas,
      and i am friends with good sistas who “get it”,
      but the rest I have observed only use us.
      as soon as we do something they don’t like,
      they kick us and out us.

    2. Some of them have their reasons to be leery when so many gay/bi men have no qualms about trying to “test” their husbands and boyfriends.

  3. you are going to flog this dead horse into eternity DAMN. You should catch a fight to the man’s house already and sleep on his front porch

  4. Jamari, I actually appreciate you covering this story. It is really interesting to hear the perspectives from gay men and women who aren’t bashing him like they are on other sites. I actually found this site while browsing on Google. You never know who is reading your stuff because this is how people get discovered. With that being said, I agree with your assessment on this. A marriage in this stage would be a terrible decision. It would only make him look more obvious to the public and may ruining his credibility. Keep up the good work!

  5. ” On Kerry’s Threats
    “First and foremost, you can’t make sure that I don’t say anything else because I’m going to say whatever the f*** I want to say. If you don’t like what I have to say then you should just chop my tongue off and give me a new one. And when I get a new one, I’m gonna talk then too. The only way you can keep me from talking is to throw me in the damn river and I can assure you that won’t happen. I may be gay but I’m still a boy and I can go with the best of them.”

    “Only way I’m going to stop talking is if I’m dead or I’m in the river. And if he throw me in the river, I can swim so he would have to kill me and then throw me in the river. If he just throws me in the river, I’m going to come out, hair wet and all, and ready to continue to talk about him. We all know that he can swim because he swum when he was in me, boo.”

    On Making Kerry Rhodes Relevant
    “He can make money off this. Before now, people didn’t even talk about Kerry. If you walked into a room and said, ‘Kerry Rhodes had a nice game’, the first thing the guys would say is ‘Who is that?’ If you walked into a room and said ‘Ray Lewis had a great game’ everybody knows who Ray Lewis is. I have really put him out there to make a little bit of money. It’s not like I’m trying to hurt him. I have really helped him because before now, nobody was even thinking about his ass. He can make money off of it. I hear Nike is looking for the first gay athlete and they’re going to pay him millions.”

    On Whether He Personally Outed Kerry
    “It was definitely [already] out just nobody was talking about it. The football players that played for Arizona have talked about it. It’s been talked about. I’m not ‘outing’ Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded. The people who are saying I’m outing him should be happy if you’re a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won’t be playing yourself. I’m helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it. I’m not outing Kerry. I’m helping the little groupies standing outside the gate. Thing about it, I wasn’t the little girl standing outside the gate, I was the girl inside the gate, getting in the truck with him with my red bottoms on.”

    And Just Because We Love A Good Hollywood One Liner
    “If you were not me, Kerry, my a**h*** or his d*ck, then you don’t not know what went on in the bedroom.”

  6. First and foremost, I know that this situation isn’t any of MY business, but I will give my opinion as usual. We ALL have interfered in someone else’s business at some point, so none one up in here should not be trying to check anyone about interfering with someone else’s, period.

    Moving on…

    Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. This nigga knows better.This is why I am so hot and cold with this situation. One moment I feel for him, and the next one I’m like wtf? Gay men do in fact get married to women, I know that, but not after they have been caught like he has. This is clearly damage control, it’s just not that serious Kerry, come on dude. Kwame Harris just said fuck it, he knew was no point denying it after he was caught. We all have did things that could get us caught, but some are sloppier than others, I almost slipped up yesterday myself omg. Just yesterday, I lent my roommate my phone because he had to email someone about his phone being broken. We where out so he just couldn’t grab a laptop or some shit, and I was the only one with a phone. I lent it to him, and I was scared af, I was so eager to get the phone back in my hands. I have a lock on my phone, but of course I have to unlock it for it to be used. Before I lent it to him, I was texting a homie of mine about this dude I’m trying to get, and I thought I didn’t clear it off my phone before I gave it to my roommate. I was shaking in my boots, I was thinking to myself that I’m getting messy, and I’m about to be busted lol. However, I had cleared it and forgot that I did. If he had saw those messages, I just would have been fucked, I wouldn’t have lied about it. I get so scared when I let someone use my phone lol. Don’t all of the discreet and downlow guys do? Now back to Kerry, the evidence is against him at this point. He just should come out, and save himself from the misery that is in his future, it will be in his future, trust me. I bet Peanut will be on CNN if he gets married, and he will be even more exposed. Thank god there is not sextape of them two, that shit would have done leaked by now. That chick clearly looks like a beard, she is a beard. What woman would marry a man after seeing those pictures? A black one sure wouldn’t. The sistas don’t play that shit man. This is just messy, and it’s been messy since he made the decision to be with peanut, and if he ties the knot with ol girl it will only get messier.

  7. If he has a fiancée why was he at the Lakers game with Karina a few days ago?
    Also as messy as Peanut is he would have spill the tea on this too.A guy on twitter yesterday said Peanut outed him because of this.He said the lady’s name is Keisha.The twitter guy also claimed he introduced Kerry to Peanut.I heard this yesterday and thought it was BS.Anyone can say anything on twitter

    1. Well a person can still go places with the opposite sex and it’s not a date. I go places with a lot of females, but I would rather go with another man feel me? Kerry is acting like he’s inexperienced. Where are his boys at?

      1. Hmmm. They are in hiding idk. That’s what I think. When he brought peanut around they were probably like fuck it. Him and Tyson B.are close. Tyson is a pro, a veteran who know what he is doing. He needs to come get his boy.

      1. The twitter guy claimed the chick name is Keisha.I am wondering if Kerry representative should make a statement before more outlandish rumors start spreading ie Kerry is adopting a Chinese baby 🙂

        1. ^kerry already talked and look what happened lol

          a side of me thinks he should just let everyone keep talking.
          no one is adding anything extremely damaging to add on to what peanut hasn’t said.
          he needs to lay low and let it die out.

  8. I work in PR. If this story is true (and I hope it isn’t) I would give this advice to Kerry.

    — Don’t marry this woman. All the coverage of the wedding would reference that shit with Peanut. So the drama would continue. And Peanut with his Kuntry Queen, whiny voice would have more chances to bitch on Youtube, on Twitter, on Instagram…

    — Go to the gym. Workout. Work on your craft. Continue trying out for teams although at your age (30) and with this gay bullshit hanging over you your football career is likely nearing an end. Still you have to continue to look good.And start thinking about the next career step — acting, sports commentary, insurance sales?

    — Get pyschological counseling about the Peanut affair and the emotional fallout if you decide to come out publicly.

    — If you do decide to come out get a ghostwriter to craft a book on being gay in the NFL and trying to hide that. Include in the book how you met Peanut and what Gold digging asshole he turned out to be. Believe me the book will fly off the shelves and you will make enough money to bank on for some time.

    — Parlay your coming out and book into TV appearances, book signings etc.

    — Work for some positive gay-oriented foundation where your looks and NFL prowess will come in handy. I’m thinking the board of the Gay Olympics or regular Olympic games. And bask in the knowledge that you will be remembered as the first active NFL player (although a free agent) to come out.


  9. He’s a grown ass man who doesnt have to explain a thing to anyone.

    But this right here aint the move.

    If a person above the age of 23 (Rhodes is over 30) denies their true nature, for whatever reasons, will always suffer the consequences.

    None of this shit is new.

    A planned marriage of convenience today turns into a messy ass divorce 10-20 years later with your own children calling you all types of fags and your business on front street–that is if your drug addiction or incurable illness doesn’t take you out first.

    It’s not worth it.

    How many gay/bi men have to commit slow suicide because of fear and self loathing?

    It’s deadly living a lie, at some point people stop oppressing you. Happy and closeted/DL doesn’t exist.

    It’s always a tragedy to see someone oppressing themselves.

    It’s just not worth it.

  10. I hope. Just hope he pulls it off without anyone suspecting a thing. He could say that the woman in the pics actually knew the bitch that tried to set him up and say that Peanut Treasure Troll Ghetto Saurus Chia Pet Russell HollyFUCKED Simpson is a fraud who was trying to steal Kerry’s identity. That will work as long as she is able to live in Kerry’s house and take care of his affairs. She can say it was all a Jealous set up and also say that the text messages were sent from a FAKE ACCOUNT CLAIMING it was Kerry Rhodes. They have no way of checking where text messages come from unless there was a crime committed. The phone company will not release texts unless that Desperate Reality show searching fag got some nude pics of him and Kerry somewhere, he will have to shut up and get fucked by a prison inmate and the bitch already said they dont have a sex tape out anywhere so she will look very BUG A BOO ISH…lol lol. I hope this works, for Kerry’s sake.

  11. That spiteful ex bitch boy of his should be ashamed of himself.Saying he’s helping the groupies so they won’t waste their time trying to get with Kerry.Yes he is putting Kerry’s business out there and YES he is outing him.He knows the industry this man is in and he sounds like a bitter bitch.It’s a shame that Kerry trusted him and now he’s completely turned his back on him.Gay boys like Kerry’s bitch ex are the reason I went through a horrible traumatizing situation of my own.I didn’t think I could trust young males my age, thinking they would out me like what’s happening to Mr.Rhodes and I ended getting raped by an old pervert, I was still a virgin too.Had it not been for boys like the Outer, I wouldn’t have been afraid to be with someone my own age and would’ve been in a relationship and I could’ve avoided the whole disgusting situation.I hate being gay.After what happened to me I really don’t want to live some days.I see why some men just decide to go and marry a woman.I could.It’s not that hard to get an erection from females.I’m still definitely gay.I’m just saying.The gay life style is so depressing.I wish I was straight.

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