Track Star Wolf, Chocolate, and His Tattoos

let’s move onto some meat real quick.
all this kerry talk has made me hungry.
i dunno if for meat or chocolate.
this time coming from:

tumblr_m8ev2xoGdG1r8ekbfo1_500 David Oliverthat is david oliver.
track hurdles star.
record breaker.
trophy winner.
wolf you may mess around and let hit on the first night.
well when i saw this:

tumblr_m8gdcgEVQ61r95jeco1_400i had to find the source.
after careful f-bi work,
i found it.
it was an 2012 olympic body art commercial,
where all the players talked about their tats.
david starts at :43:


he is that kinda build i like too.
look at his upper body.

x more david videos

lowkey: jordan burroughs also makes a cameo.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Track Star Wolf, Chocolate, and His Tattoos”

  1. I love David. He seems like a cool dude to get to know, not to mention he looks like someone I know too.

  2. I have been in love/lust with David for years! Every since I saw that mountain of muscle grace the track leaping over those hurdles with those thick thighs.Mmmmmmm! He always makes my mouth water !!!!

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