My Secret Admirer Laughs At All My Jokes

hmmmi read something interesting just now.
i thought i’d share it with the foxhole real quick…

“the more attractive you are to someone,
the easier it is to make them laugh.”

christian-bale-kermit-the-frogmade me think about all the people ive been around,
the ones who became my friends,
the wolves who i liked on the low,
the ones who i wondered if they liked me,
and even myself when i am around someone i am attracted too…

next to extreme shyness,
laughing was also a tell tale sign.
how could i have missed that?

something to think about.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “My Secret Admirer Laughs At All My Jokes”

  1. Nah not really. They may have really thought I was funny. My jokes are usually funny, so I can’t read into that. If ten people laugh it doesn’t mean they all like me.

    1. ^i can see your point.

      there was a wolf I use to know.
      i dont know for sure if he was attracted to me because he would be so standoffish.
      as soon as I was joking with someone,
      he wasn’t even in the convo,
      he would be smiling in my face and giggling at everything I said.
      i feel he wanted to smash on the low.
      ol slow making me wait ass.

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