David Oliver Has Thunder Thighs

il1nyeah david i’m looking at your recent pictures with the same reaction.
hurdler wolf david oliver has new pictures ya’ll..

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Track Star Wolf, Chocolate, and His Tattoos

let’s move onto some meat real quick.
all this kerry talk has made me hungry.
i dunno if for meat or chocolate.
this time coming from:

tumblr_m8ev2xoGdG1r8ekbfo1_500 David Oliverthat is david oliver.
track hurdles star.
record breaker.
trophy winner.
wolf you may mess around and let hit on the first night.
well when i saw this:

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Premium Meat of my Minute: David Oliver

I like chocolate.
Actually, I am ADDICTED to chocolate.
If I had to choose between Sour Patch Kids or Nestle Crunch….

…wait I may actually have to think about this…

I would definitely choose the hard and potentially dripping chocolate bar.

As you know,
when it comes to Wolves,
I’ll take it in whatever flavor…

But this right here…

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