Kerry Rhodes Shows Us A Little Something…

Kerry Rhodesmy poor kerry decided to update his instagram today…

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 1.08.58 AMScreen Shot 2013-04-21 at 1.09.06 AMhe looks sad.
a lot on his mind.
i would have invited him out with me tonight.
we both coulda pageant smiled together.

x kerryrhodes

lowkey: i did find this:

andre johnson tho?

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18 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Shows Us A Little Something…”

  1. sad….you have to love someone that has just as much to lose as you do ..when you are a public figure like he wa

  2. Peanut, skeenut, these nuts, or whatever you want to call the troll lol has my boo Kerry looking all sad and defeated…cheer up Boo overall you’ll win and Peanut will fade to obscurity like all the other thirsty people like him who will do anything to gain fame, even hurt the people who treated them well…sad but like the bible says, for the love of money is the root of all evil….

  3. Jamari” tell me what u think about Maxwell leaving a pot under that same pic saying “oh yeah @ Kerry Rhodes”
    I got the screen shit if needed

  4. He looks bad, I was about to lie and say he didn’t. That nigga is stressed the fuck out. I wanna see him smile.

  5. Hey my thoughts and prayers are with him. I firmly believe God puts you through things in life for a purpose. So keep the faith Kerry. You are going to be stronger on the other end of this.

    Peanut was a has-been before this even started. Kerry probably got wise to his ways and decided to end it. Hell, I can’t even stand to here his irritating voice for more than a minute.

    And when Kerry dropped him that stunt queen just wasn’t having it and put his business all out.

    Shit the photos look so well done I believe Peanut probably had a friend take and save them as an insurance policy for later. Because I firmly believe he planned to fuck over Kerry all along.

    This game is not new.

    I know one dude who dated a married Redskins player and a second buddy of mine in Atlanta procures dudes for celebrities and athletes to “date” when they come in town.

    My Atlanta buddy tells me a lot of athletes can get women whenever they want because groupies abound. So they come to him when they want to try out the other side. Others are gay all along but need someone who can get them ass or dick under the radar.

    Both of my buddies are very discrete, don’t say who they are with, and keep their mouths shut. If Peanut had class he would have stayed in the background, managed Kerry’s money and household well, put his salary in the , and got a degree so he could support himself.

    Instead all he got is a luxury car he probably can’t afford to change the oil on, some flashy clothes that will be out of style next year, and a ticket back to Bumfuck, N.C.

    Eventually Peanut will land in Miami or Atlanta where he will always been known as that tired, bitter queen who fucked up a good thing.

    P.S. Jamari as always your blog is on point! I’ve been using you to keep up-to-date on this thing. Your readers’ comments are on point! Keep up the good work.


    1. ^thank you immanuel!
      i actually thought about you couple weeks before.
      funny enough,
      you updated your site soon after.

      anything kerry does,
      i will post.
      other sites can cover peanut.
      im here for kerry.
      shit kerry needs to hire my ass as his assistant.
      def will help him get back on his feet and get through this drama he is going through.
      he seems like a nice guy.
      things will turn out for the better for him.

      1. Jamari you would definitely be a better assistant than that ratchet Peanut. And I hope he reads these posts and knows he has support.

        I’m rooting for Kerry too (please don’t get married to cover this up…it will just delay coming out a few more years because he would still be messing around).

        I need to update my blog more often.

        Take care

    2. . “Both of my buddies are very discrete, don’t say who they are with, and keep their mouths shut” does not seem to apply to the younguns’ wanting their 15 minutes of Kardasian style fame. Grown and sexy is always the way to go.

  6. I know its going to be many people who wonder why we are so strong in our support for Kerry, but I think so many of us see ourselves in Kerry and this messy ass situation could have happened to us. Many of us are masculine, go to work everyday, workout, and have a banging body, dress nice and are seemingly good catches for females, but we have to always play a role to the public in order to survive, its a real tough position to play. For us to let somebody in our life so close and treat them good and then for them to go on a crusade to destroy us has touched a nerve in so many of us because we know this could be me going through the same thing, but not on this national level of course, but it hurts no less whether the whole world knows or just your local friends, family and associates. Im sure their have been whispers with family members, teammates, friends etc, but nothing that was ever confirmed. Im sure its so many dudes just like me who just want Kerry to come and hang with our crew and chill with us and show him support. I have genuinely felt for this brother and want him to know that this will pass, and he has so many people all over these United States supporting him and wishing him nothing but the best. Its hard to know this when you are going through your storm, but hopefully he will gain so much more than the little he lost with a few fans, friends and family shunning him because of this.

    S/N Peanut is ugly inside and out and will eventually end up being used and burned by the fame and spotlight she so desperately wanted. If anybody in life messes us over, all we have to do is sit back and wait and the Universe will take care of it for us.

    1. ^karma is real!
      i believe in it 100%.
      when you do bad things to people,
      it comes back to you.
      what goes around really does come back around.

      everyone that has done me wrong,
      has hurt in some way.
      i don’t even have to think of ways of payback.
      as god is my witness,
      i have seen so many people who betrayed me fall so hard.
      god is always protecting you if you have a genuine spirit and a good heart!

  7. Later today you are at the drug store picking up a few things.Behind you a male voice asks you Do you know where the razors are? You turn around and it is Kerry.You guys chit chat about the weather.You say something funny, he laughs.He says would you like to grab a cup of coffee at the coffeehouse next door.With all his baggage, gossip blogs,the paparazzi in LA,Peanut
    Do you join him for coffee? With all the drama in his life is it worth it.BTW Peanut may start stalking you πŸ™‚


    1. ^ill tell him now is a not a good time.
      lets exchange numbers and we can talk about this later.
      anyone going to the coffee shop with him wants to be seen by the paps.
      until this blows over it needs to be phone calls,
      and facetime.

  8. WE NEED to stop making light of this. This man who has been STRUGGLING to play like he wanted to be with women all this time has endured the most AGGRAVATING EMBARASSMENT of his life. He has to be drowning in sorrow and he is probably SCARED for the first time in his life of what to do. It is just so sad that he couldn’t have made the decision to do this on his own terms. NOw everyone knows that he doesn’t have GOOD TASTE and that he is easily FOOLED into trusting NO GOOD PEOPLE. All this time, everyone thought he had his shit together. Im sure lots of things must be running through that mans head. I hope one of them is not suicide. I am praying that he will have the power to withstand this. He has a lot that he is up against right now. He knows that everyone is asking questions saying I know he’s 30 and aint never been married and be around all those women and still havent found the right one. I knew something was up all those years. He has to find a way to explain to his cousins, if he has any close ties to them, His brothers or sisters unless he is the only child, and above all, his mother and father. This couldnt have happened at a far worse time. Mothers day is coming up and you know he will be talking to his mother either through emails or phone calls. What will that conversation be like? Put yourself in this mans shoes. He has plenty of photos with him posing with women, but it was only a front. Now his real challenges start.

  9. Kerry posted a new pic on IG good to see he hasn’t lost his sense of humor πŸ™‚ Also not responding to wedding rumors.Peanut is surprisingly quiet too

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