What Had Happened Was…


tonight was interesting.
i had a lot of fun.
it was good to see everyone.
they were happy to see me.
i damn near have been hibernating all winter.
didn’t really go anywhere,
and if i did,
it was solo or a duet.
a lot has changed in my friend’s lives.
lives have been upgraded.
i couldn’t help but wonder:

what about me?

i felt almost embarrassed.
everyone had something to talk about.
everyone was doing something.
new homes.
new jobs.
new careers.
i just listened.
pageant smile.
all i could think about was getting my life in order.
being in a better place.
could afford to buy a new outfit.
i’m grateful god has provided me with so much already,
but i’m anxious.
when will it be my turn?
when will i have stories to share?
am i not doing something i should be?

i’m happy to have gotten out the house.
my outfit?
it was great until the temperature dropped.
lesson learned.
don’t get naked just yet.
i nearly froze my buns off.

lowkey: i never noticed how many vixens in ny have fat asses.
maybe i never noticed?
i am always looking at some wolf.
i saw sexy vixens everywhere tonight.
funny enough,
no wolf caught my eye.

lowkey2: white people are so clueless.
phones/tablets out for robbers to take notice.
i don’t get it.
this homeless lady peed on the train.
you could smell the pee.
it was rank.
these white vixens went and stood in it.
how could they not notice?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was…”

  1. Don’t worry love everything in it’s own time, but trust when your time comes, you’ll be ready and it’ll be worth the wait…GOD is able to do exceeding things, be blessed and know that this is only the beginning

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