i guess they are finally realizing the truth about britney spears

One of the worst things you can do to someone with severe mental illnesses or drug addictions is to coddle them.

i see people doing this all the time,
especially family.
when i told people britney spears is severely mentally ill,
i got a lot of pushback.
as people with severely mentally ill people in our families,
this smelled very familiar to us.
i’m not even gonna cap:

The #freebritney movement did more harm than good imo.

it seems things have taken the turn for the worse.
tmz is reporting…

this gets a:

they let someone with severe mental illness run free.
what did they think was gonna happen?
do you know when i had the real clue?

She was doing the same shit she was doing when she was in the conservatorship.
Nothing changed when she got out of it.
There were pictures of her traveling when she was in it so that wasn’t new.

Her hair still looked ratty and her eyes told me everything.
She was still in her house dancing off…


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and modeling random clothes for her camera.
and to find an excuse to be naked.

everyone was like,
she is free now!“.

Free to do the same shit she has been doing?
Free to go on long rants on her IG.

social media was not the place for her ranting.
this is like family members who let our mentally ill family run wild.
they are holding onto how they used to be rather than what they are now.
it’s the past memories and not the reality of the “now”.

Britney Spears is NOT that vixen from her glory days any longer.

she is probably insane and thats not to drag her.
it’s the honest truth.
i hope they are able to reel her in before it’s too late but i fear…

lowkey: that husband of hers…

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “i guess they are finally realizing the truth about britney spears”

  1. Years of being drugged up under that conservatorship while not having her mental health properly diagnosed and cared for didn’t help. She became a show pony earning her family and anyone else millions of dollars while being neglected. It’s so sad many of these child stars were exploited. Her Father claimed she was unstable yet the court system allowed him to have her do performances at Vegas and etc. Brittney became such a big icon that everyone neglected her Humanity. I think the only she’ll be free is by leaving the public eye altogether, actually getting help and given a healthy regimen for her meds and extensive therapy. No Hollywood judges or folks trying to control her, just professional therapy.

    1. Love that last sentence, Malcolm! She needs professional therapy…not folks leeching off her.
      I think her ”husband” is playing the part, and biding his time until he can cut his ties and get that check.
      He’s not helping the situation. God knows what goes on behind closed doors.
      We all know he out there fucking chicks on the side. Only a fool would believe otherwise. Yeah, he playing the doting husband…but dude got $$$ in his eyes. Britney needs someone that has her best interests at heart, and someone that will truly look out for her. It’s sad that she is surrounded, but really alone.

  2. Malcolm🌹that’s a very nice opinion.
    Her Pappy, Mammy, Siblings, Ex husband and children are all the lowest of the low. She was and is surrounded by leeches. Sounds, looks like a new mega celeb setup..The bloodthirsty blood suckers are hungry for a big catch, now it has set sights on Brittney. I would my will and leave everything to Charlie Brown and Snoopy, or a dog pound in Russia. Withdraw a lot of cash and just shit on it repeatedly, put it in a gift box, send it and let them fight over it.

  3. It’s pretty obvious at this point she is gone. Whatever they did to her is beyond repair honestly I believe she had some brain shock “treatment’’ at Ronald Reagan ULCA Mental Facility they are notorious for turning ppl brains into mush.This reminds me of the final days Anna Nichole

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