everyone had a story about devund tinson aka david cunningham

he is handsome and looks very unassuming.
nice suit,
a nice smile,
and a nice face-forward presentation.
it always amazes me when this is all a mask because…

Many people have a story.

it takes one big scandal for the avalanche of gossip to come down.

“I remember when he kicked a dog in front of me because he wanted to see how far it would fly.”

she tied her sister to a rocket because she was hungry.”

that might be the case with devund tinson aka david cunningham.
a foxholer sent me this story when the foxhole was down.
so a while ago,
he got caught up breaking into someone’s home in la:

the comments with the alleged stories tho…

and wild enough,
he found himself on one of those ratchet zeus shows:

and he tried to maintain his innocence:

you’ll meet so many of these folks in the industry and mixxy scene.
if i didn’t have the right people to guide me,
i would have been assed out.
this is where they thrive because their main objectives are:

To be put on
Find a place to stay

i’ve met so many of these types and they still scamming/grifting.
my favorite is the ones who played me for a scammer/grifter.

Many of them prey on the naive,
the lonely,
and the desperate.

once they smell blood in the water,
it’s over for you.

i find many of these types scamming some of ya’ll on onlyfans.
stay woke.

lowkey: some of us need to ask God to strengthen our discernment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. Jamari, this is entertaining as heck. Please update because….hahahahahahaha. Those screenshots!

    Like huh?

  2. The fact that he hit me up tindr randomly & sent me the same questions then linked me to his insta page about what it takes to date him. Lol

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