it’s a sad day when white lives matter because kanye west and others said so?

this was the response from kanye west about yesterday.
he even had diddy somewhat defending him:


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and lauryn hill’s daughter,
who was in the fashion show was defending it somewhat too…


and was excited af when he responded:

what a sad day for black folks.
what a sad day that one of our own is wearing a “white lives matter” shirt,
but we have some black folks moving goal posts to make it right.
it’s okay to like kanye’s shit and say he is dead wrong about this.
two things can be true at the same time.
the crazy part is:

Chrisette Michelle sang for Trump and got banished.
Kanye did more with Trump and continues to “do the most” but excels.

if a gay black male wore that shirt,
he would be crucified.
it’s a sad day to see that shirt publicly on this same muthafucka:

…and it seems kanye doesn’t care either.

lowkey: i’ll never forget this.
this was when the end was approaching…

maybe amanda seales is right…

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7 thoughts on “it’s a sad day when white lives matter because kanye west and others said so?”

  1. Puffy Combs is blowing smoke out of his ass trying to defend the indefensible. Selah Marley will tank her career ass kissing a ass kisser. I’m not buying the tomfoolery
    “He so deep defense”. I believe my ass is wide enough to lift me off the ground and launch me to the moon, but it doesn’t make this true.
    Kanye is a mentally unstable, fat, unattractive poseur, trying to grab headlines, attempting to be provocative. Could we please just drop him and Puffy, not Diddy, and do a COMPLETE PRESS BLACKOUT and not mention this
    Made For The Madhouse Mud 🦆 Duck Minstrel Show!

  2. Rapunzel Marley will get swallowed whole by these vultures. She will be selling hair to the weavers.
    She is pretty, naive and mentally complex and simple minded all in one. She needed her parents advice before participating in this sideshow.

  3. “…we can continue to to discuss the depth behind our decisions to show the purity of our intentions…”

    This bitch sounds like she’s talking to a cult leader. Brainwashed af. Smh

  4. Maybe Amanda was right?? Amanda was 10000% right. Like I always say (and am sooo tired of having to say) STR8 BLACK MEN ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Their male peers will defend their behaviors because they’re defending their own, and women are brainwashed into thinking that they are useless without 1 on their arm.

    Eventho they both get on my last nerve, if Billy Porter or Lil Nas showed up wearing that shirt on the red carpet, they would be set on fire, on the carpet!

  5. AND the clothes are ALL UGLY. Only a brainwashed dogfaced dimwit idiot would spend money on that garbage. I would use that shit in my cat’s litter box if someone was dumb enough to buy it and give it to me.

  6. The only redeeming factor in all of this is that we do not have to guess how Kanye, Candace, and this daughter of Ms Hill ( who hasn’t created any good music for quite some time) feel about the skin they’re in and their ignorance of the “Big Picture of Black Lives Matter”. There are so many subjects they could have chosen to oppose . They are simply using BLM cos it brings attention to his dismal fashions .

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