how dare herschel walker embarrass his son, christian walker, like this!?

in my head,
this is the image i have of christian walker.
^that face and yelling about contradictory nonsense.
my favorite is his stance on chic-fil-a.
i’m actually surprised he addressed the recent scandal with his father,
hershel walker.
( x see recent scandal here )
he decided to rant and drag about his father on his ig


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there is even more on twitter:


What more needs to be said?

i always feel like this happens to people who are loud and wrong.
they end up being the star of their own scandals.
will this humble him?
probably not.
his “thing” is to always be loud and wrong.
if he showed anything other than that,
when it came to addressing his father,
he would have killed his brand right there.
the good news is…

This is something folks can use to bring him down a peg when they have to drag him.

it seems the republicans don’t care tho.
they are still gonna stand behind herschel in his campaign.
( x see that here )
imagine if christian goes full joker arc to try and sabotage his father’s campaign?

i ask for a lot and i’m gonna ask for this.

lowkey: does he have a job?
he better not bite daddy’s paws too hard.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “how dare herschel walker embarrass his son, christian walker, like this!?”

  1. This is here. It was a lot to watch yesterday. Smh I got nothing for Christian or his Daddy. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I laughed because yet another hypocrite was exposed. Christian go away. You defended Daddy during his foolishness while attacking others so eat cake. Side note someone paid that Woman to come forward. Who keeps receipts from transactions that long ago. 🤔

    1. ^ i love when they get exposed after a whole toxic run.
      it feels good.

      after watching house of cards and scandal,
      this is how they get down when they want to destroy folks.

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