a real quick (but no so quick) observation i had about kanye west

Real quick…
Real quick…
I want to font something real quick…

so kanye gonna font that blm is a scam.
i have fonted about my thoughts on this before.
the organization might have its alleged shady dealings but…

why is kanye bringing up racial issues for a fashion show?
what does that have to do with his clothing this year?
thats the part that gives me pause.

he mentions breonna taylor’s mother‘s thoughts on blm.
not only did he drag this woman into his coon shenanigans,
but he allegedly believes the cops who killed breonna were justified.

“White Lives Matter”.

the cops who killed her were white.
it actually goes back to 2013:

The phrase “black lives matter” was first used by a black community organizer in a Facebook post following the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 9 Despite its widespread presence today, the hashtag was slow to gain prominence: During the second half of 2013, it appeared on Twitter a total of just 5,106 times (or about 30 times a day).

Both the use of the hashtag and the influence of the broader Black Lives Matter movement accelerated greatly in August 2014 when Michael Brown, a black teenager, was fatally shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

( x see more here )
it was back-to-back killings of black lives by white hyenas at one point.
these victims helped push the #blm hashtag:

i feel like george floyd’s murder really pushed the hashtag into high gear.
this was when trump was in office and the republicans didn’t gaf.
isn’t trump his homeboy too?

Black lives aren’t afforded the same luxury and privilege as white lives.

it’s dangerous for kanye to have a fuckin’ shirt,
literally promoting violence against black people.


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the fact he is using a random ass fashion platform to promote this is gross.
anyone who tells me otherwise,
and happens to be black,
is a dumb ass muthafucka like him.

i’m at the point where i can live without his music/clothing.
he can go into the same trash can as r. kelly.

lowkey: if ya’ll tell me he only does this shit to promote something,
i want us as a collective to slap ourselves with a cold chicken thigh.
that makes it even worse.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “a real quick (but no so quick) observation i had about kanye west”

  1. The Record Business, The Fashion Industry, FEMA, Red Cross, Religion etc. have all been guilty of “Shams ‘and Shady Mis-dealings .Kanya West says nothing about these entities . He actually takes the time to go after an Agency/ Movement that represents far more good than any misdeeds that may have happened. He has given validation to racist hatemongers who really misunderstand what BLM really stands for .

    He has children that will be treated Black when they are out and about . His sons will be treated like Treyvon Martin and Emmett Till. Kanye is a Sad, Sorry Shell of a Man.

    His music is not that good anyway. Karama will deal with people like him, Candance, and Trumps.

  2. The crazy part about all this is that when he releases more music he will still have tons of black support. I stopped fucking with him years ago.

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