candace owens is set to bring black lives matter down

 kanye west and candace owens have assembled for war.
i knew there was a deeper meaning of these two being together.
she has been defending him and i thought it was their maga connection.
she has a documentary coming out about black lives matter


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i realllllllly blame black lives matter org for this.
as we all know,
black folks need to be on point.
an organization that has been having whispers about fraudulent behavior.
we have to be levels of perfect when the others can be basic.
the fact that they have been allegedly been so sloppy,
that candace owens can come for them,
is really disheartening.

None of this is going to look good for black folks going forward.

this documentary,
along with kanye’s “white lives matter” shenanigans,
is really gonna set us back.
you know the racist jackals are gonna refer back to this.
send in the clowns foxhole,
send in the clowns.

this might be our own doing tho.

We have a habit of not supporting and tearing down each other.
White folks don’t have to work hard to ruin us.
We destroy ourselves from the inside and they do it from the outside.

now the enemies within our community are trying to bring us to our knees.
ay yi yi.
this was 3 years ago so she has been hungry for this takedown.

lowkey: will she mention how blm even started even in this documentary?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “candace owens is set to bring black lives matter down”

  1. It pays well to be the black face of white supremacy. Ask Candice Owens (with her white husband and mixed children) and ask Kanye West (with his white girlfriends, non-black former wife and mixed children). They are both traitors–she an Aunt Jemima and he an Uncle Tom.

  2. Jamari,

    Look in the mirror. I have asked you several times to work with me for the uplift of our people from the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and you have refused. Here’s another chance to do so. Just reply positively to this message and I will email you AGAIN!

    1. ^dean,
      as much as i’d love to,
      that isn’t my passion in life.
      there are many other creatives who specialize in that and i can admit i am very ignorant to many things.
      i’m here to bring awareness about certain issues with my own platform to start discussion within my community.

      as i have stated many times to you,
      it seems like a passion of yours and you are well equipped and educated to lead that on your own.
      please take this as the last time i will respectfully address you about this.

      thank you!

  3. In the meantime, please consider Psychonegrosis. Psychonegrosis is the greatest impediment to black progress. It is essentially psychological weakness and dysfunction. Psychonegrosis is likely caused by INDOCTRINATION, CONDITIONING, BRAINWASHING and SOCIALIZATION. Psychonegrosis is a natural result of an unnatural situation—our suffering, enslavement and Jim Crow for hundreds of years. Those powerful, sinister forces interact with and influence us daily through television, radio, the Internet, school, churches, books, magazines, movies, friends, relatives, neighbors and the social milieu. The Psychonegrosis poison is nearly omnipresent in this society. It is a poison to the mind, body and spirit. Psychonegrosis is both our current biggest problem and our biggest problem going forward because it is highly contagious and highly prevalent.

    Psychonegrosis has two parts: One part is “I don’t know”: lack of knowledge, education, skills, experience, training and the like—things that help people get jobs, keep jobs, form and run businesses and maneuver though life and that help people form and keep relationships. THIS IS MENTAL FAILURE. And a subset of “I don’t know” is “I don’t know enough to care”. One part is “I don’t care”: values, intellectual development desire, emotional, attitudinal, mindset, disposition, inclination and the like (including arrogance or lack thereof)–things that help people get jobs, keep jobs, form and run businesses and maneuver though life and that help people form and keep relationships. THIS IS MORAL FAILURE. And a subset of “I don’t care” is “I don’t care enough to know”.

    Having “I don’t know” and “I don’t care ” (MENTAL FAILURE and MORAL FAILURE) together is a deadly combination as it often results in PHYSICAL FAILURE—DEATH. And not just in bodies piling up and lives cut short due to gun deaths and gun violence but in bodies piling up and lives cut short due to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and undiagnosed ailments like high blood pressure, colon cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer and, of course, due to the Physical Failure of disability (kidney dialysis), etc. Witness the DEATH, destruction, degradation and denigration that we suffer—year after year, decade after decade.

    Psychonegrosis is the largest problems faced by black / African people at home and abroad. Don’t believe me? Listen to the African Union’s former ambassador to the United States, Arikana Chihombori-Quao from about 24:00 through 27:15 and 34:00 through 35:15 here:

  4. I just saw- quite by accident- the preview on youtube: it is without a doubt a hit piece given ample ammunition by BLM’s corruption, fraud, and disrespect for the very reason the movement was galvanized. Add the anti-Queer baiting in the mix with it too? I don’t think folks is really grasping the media and political shit show that’s about to happen, so much so it may even eclipse the orange insurrection. Two steps forward, 40 years back.

    1. COINTELPRO infiltrated the Black Panthers, Elaine Brown and others, who now are allowed the benefits of doubt in there
      “public servant careers” were used to destroy it from inward.
      I wouldn’t be shocked if the same shenanigans are the root cause in this current incarnation of a movement (BLM) and its takedown.
      Candace, Kanye, are curses vomited from the bowels of hell, fulfilling their roles to bring destruction and divisiveness to others. Satan and white skinned breathers is their master. Kanye will self implode, as will Tucker and Candace Owens. Pride always precedes destruction. Watch and wait.

  5. Coondace & Coonye, a match made in HELL (with Lauryn Hill’s & Rohan Marley’s spawn thrown in for good measure)!

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