darnay holmes of the ny giants has a side gig called “his bakery”

we are a bunz lovin‘,
cake tastin‘,
tail grabbin’,
and cheek pinchin‘ foxhole here.
“we love big butts and we cannot lie”.
i have always loved the bunz on the baller wolf kind tho.
sometimes it’s muscular; other times it’s giggly.
often times,
it’s good.
darnay holmes of the giants stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday.
including myself,
was wondering what was going on in this video…

it looked really sus but according to others,
he was getting a leg massage.
i didn’t know this kind of thing happened outside the locker room.
am i complaining?
not at all.
it’s the way the bunz are sitting for me tho…



it’s looking like a push-up bra for booty meat.
darnay is all handsome,
and drippy too:

i’m sure he has gained a whole new fanbase.

Is it for him or his bakery tho?

lowkey: a foxholer sent me this gem…

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6 thoughts on “darnay holmes of the ny giants has a side gig called “his bakery”

  1. 98% of them wear jockstraps so that’s usually why their asses look like they’re sitting up. Still nice though

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