some black males are so embarrassing.
they’ll be so upset about gay shit on tv,
thinking every male or male child is about to be emasculated,
but will stay silent when shit like the following is said out loud.
rapping wolf,
said something he “never talks about” and shouldn’t have tbh.
he said he likes to be treated like a house negro in bed.
a house negro in bed when he is smashin’ white vixens

so the rapture is around the corner or…?
is he light enough to have been a house negro tho?

would he enjoy it if a white male exec did it before he signs a deal?

tbh now…
some black males and vixens like that kind of slave play kink shit.
they get off to their white partners treating them like slaves,
whippin’ them,
and/or calling “nigge(hard r)” in the sack.
in the next breath…

Some white partners love to be fully disrespected by BBC in bed.

i’m not interested but kudos to those who do.
i feel like some shit needs to be written in a diary or taken to the grave tho.
this is one of those situations.

lowkey: i’ll never forget going to lunch on day at a past job,
walking down 34th street,
and seeing maino in this all purple suit.
he looked like grimace from mcdonalds and
it was not hard to miss him.
he did look handsome in person.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I saw this and I kept it moving. All I could think about is Django. He pretending to be a runaway slave to white women while having sex…. Smdh

  2. So hesvdisclosing that his fantasy is to be treated like a slave, God.. these black people will.say anything. There’s a ssying..is not everything good fe talk.
    Keep somethings to selp.

  3. Of course it is that’s why he and other men like that can’t stay out of prison

    It’s programming and it’s sick

  4. Real talk. I two co-workers who were in a interracial relationship and one day we all had to do OT. I don’t know how the conversation went this way but the guy who was black decided to tell me that use to play race games much like this. It changed the way I looked at him and her (not that I thought too much of them to begin with) but still. This type of thing is so much more commonly that you think…

  5. This stuff is more common than people think, which is one reason that play Slave Play was so popular. Then think of the films like Drum and Mandingo that played on this too. There sadly far too many people who internalize racialized brutality, oppression and colonization, and live it out sexually.

    I deal with more than enough racism and white supremacy on a daily basis so keep it out of my bed room!

  6. There are people who like to get shit on i.e someone taking a literal dump/dookey in their mouth. Would they ever say it out loud in a public interview? Would a male celebrity admit he likes to watch other men dick his wife down then he eats the other man’s cum out her pussy? NO! Black people like him are proudly & publicly claiming that race play shit because they don’t like black people. Period. It’s just another way for them to disrespect Black people. I’ve come across a few of those pages and it’s never them just getting fucked while being called the N word. They go the extra mile actually PAYING White people to do the bare minimum. Like not even getting sex. Just giving White people money to call them slurs because in their minds it’ll piss other Black people off. That’s all it is. There was a point in time where I used to FUME over this but if you spend enough time exploring these people’s mind sets you’ll realize they’re just slow. I eventually started laughing at how try hard they are. Now I just roll my eyes like, we get it.

    1. They’re all over gay apps referring to themselves as monkeys and bulls. It’s sickening, but I don’t have to sleep with nor associate with them.

      Jamari, remember that troll Sean Cody? I guarantee he was into this sick mess hence his anger towards you. You’re not his bbc mandingo fantasy so he comes at you every chance he got.

      You would NOT believe the jealousy, hatred and sabotage non-Blacks feel when they think we’re competition for some big black cawk.

  7. “would he enjoy it if a white male exec did it before he signs a deal?”

    Jamari, people don’t realize how well connected you are. When I say this was a READ. Whew.

    I always bait non-Black friends and even guys who want to date me, to see how far they take fetishizing.

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