it’s no surprise that having dark skin is a curse to many black people.
the way some abuse other black folks with darker complexion is vile.
we don’t even need white people to disrespect us since we do it so well.
viola davis is one of my favorite actresses.
her role as annalise keating in “how to get away with murder” was iconic.
the problem is after she was cast for it,
she was told she wasn’t suited for that role because she wasn’t attractive.
bad enough,
it was by the very same people that should have been cheering her on

When it came to the hit ABC series, Davis wrote that she had already had a slew of experiences around her race and her deeper skin tone within the predominantly white industry. But one of her more lasting memories was tied to her getting the role of the sharp, bold and beautiful lawyer and law professor Annalise Keating.

Davis revealed that following her casting, a friend had come to her after overhearing several actors and actresses — all of whom were Black — say that “she wasn’t pretty enough to pull it off,” according to the Times. The experience was unlike the other colorist, racist and anti-Black criticism the then 47-year-old star had endured in that she “couldn’t shake” this feedback.

i couldn’t see anyone else play annalise keating as viola did.
she put her all into that role,
especially in this iconic scene:

have we ever seen a black vixen on tv take her wig off like this before?

those comments are per the norm of the black folks who aren’t chosen.
they will hate on you and throw hella shade for what they couldn’t do.

often times i feel like:

If you don’t check all the boxes in the black community,
you are treated like a leper until you make it.

Darker skin.
Afrocentric features.
Not being one of the most popular on social media.

Once you make it,
you might get the support you needed when you were struggling.

this is why i feel like when some white people believe in you,
or they feel like you are talented and hungry,
they will put you on and take you farther faster than your own.
for some black folks bts,
they see those things as a weakness tbh.
they see it as you being better or whatever nonsense they come up with.
from what i’ve seen and experienced,
kissing ass and being cliquey gets you farther in our circles.
God forbid you are better/more talented/attractive than those in the circles.
the next question i ask is:

What is going farther?

unless you are 50,
tyler perry,
or a few others then most black folks can’t put you on.
white people have a privilege that opens doors for you.
viola got noticed by a 7-minute scene in doubt with meryl streep:

i heard julia roberts was also campaigning for her bts too.

i’m not shocked some black folks hated on viola bts.
she didn’t check all the boxes and that brings problems.
even if she did check all the boxes:

Would there still be a problem?

you and i know there will always be a problem.

lowkey: think about all the black actors and actresses who made it.
i’m talking mainstream.
a majority had doors opened for them by white folks that saw their talent or they starred in a majority white cast movie/tv show.
only a small amount was put on by another black person and even still,
in order to be recognized as mainstream,
they had a breakout role in a movie/tv show with a majority white cast.
that is a problem that our community needs to fix.

article cc: hollywood reporter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. you are treated like a leper until you make it.

    Darker skin.
    Afrocentric features.
    Not being one of the most popular on social media.

    Once you make it,
    you might get the support you needed when you were struggling.

    ^^ amen all I said about the fake support towards lil nas x

    Gay men love when you have money or clout bc then they can use u.. knowing 9/10 of them wouldnt have looked at him when he was a twitter troll
    Suddenly when nas got money and number ones he’s their type

    1. YOU BETTER DRAG THEM! I had on my profile “If you weren’t attracted to Lil Nas X before he got famous, don’t say he’s so sexy now”.

      The average Black man that looks like Lil Nas X is NOT considered attractive. Look how BLACK people do the actor who played on Lovecraft and Bel Air!

      That’s why they always comment on “skintone” and “abs”. They don’t think our features are beautiful.

      1. Exactly! Even white people do that .. “chocolate king” they love when you’re naked with oil on like a museum sculpture

        And I also think that’s where the nasx appreciation stems from he started to gain weight and bulk up and they saw him be effeminate so then their tastes suddenly changed to accommodate him bc they know if he went in their dm they’d oblige bc he’s lilnasx… they suddenly had to switch up bc at 30+ the masculine Omari hardwick dream for many is becoming more and more elusive

        Tbh the performativeness of it all is part of the reason I don’t subscribe to the “soft top painted nails “ phenomenon now 2019- present all these reformed masc for masc gays want to be verse and wear pink I was exploring sexuality and gender at 19-21 years old and I caught so much flack from it it was crazy

        It’s laughable how grown men let the media control what they like it’s all for show these fems been disrespected all their lives and now y’all clowning masc for masc and dl like that wasn’t JUST your type three years ago

    1. Angela Bassett, Vivica Fox, Regina King, Aunjanue Ellis, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine, Kimberly Elise, Jenifer Lewis and Viola Davis to name a few are the black women I love to see act because I know they are going to deliver and then some. Nobody else could have played Annalise Keating but her, just nobody else could have played her role that won her her Oscar. She is magnificent and brilliant that transcends any negative thing anybody got to say about her. I’m here for black excellence being recognized and supported. That’s all!

      1. Aunjanue Ellis is the most underrated actress ever. Lovecraft Country, The Clark Sisters Movie, King Richard, that woman is so slept on

        1. LISTEN!!! The Clark Sisters movie made me take notice and Lovecraft Country made me fall in love. I remember her from Ray and a few other things but lately her roles have been so well acted that I can’t see anybody else playing it. That’s the first sign of greatness to me. I’m so here for her getting her flowers.

  2. That scene, when she removed the wig and the makeup AND when she did the same thing in real life, made her INVINCIBLE!

    1. I Agree with you Jamari and I disassociate myself if I discover folks who practice such “Hate”.

      This hits close to home because:

      I have Dark skin!
      I am Gay!
      I am an Introvert!
      I don’t have a Big Social Media Following !

      HOWEVER>>> I am ” BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL “( Wink!) ( Smile)( Love)

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